75 Tips On How To Become A Successful Bartender

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Forecast by Meteorologist. Facebook Twitter. You have to be able to find a way to relate to so many different types of people from so many backgrounds. You can see their spin and find out a lot about their cocktail knowledge through the simple choices they make for literally the oldest cocktail in the book. Can you make a great cocktail? Can you make that same great cocktail 60 times a night, four to five shifts a week?

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They are the lifeblood. Barbacks keep the bartenders stocked on syrups and glasses and they make sure everything is right where it needs to be when we reach for it. Not only does it mean turning your back to the guest, but it also hides what you are doing. Everything we do should be open for the guest to see.

Bartending Jobs No Experience Required | The Bartending Blueprint

It creates trust. Leaning is also a no-no for me, but that mostly applies to my staff. I used to be frequently guilty of that and it is a very hard habit to break. Photo: Antonio Diaz.

Become a Bartender: 5 Most Asked Interview Questions

These bartenders are birds and they can fly away. Cleanliness [is key]. Keeping your workspace and your bar top clean demonstrates power, capability, organization, and care. This continues to boggle my mind beyond belief. Say we were in a restaurant setting and you ordered spaghetti.


This is never okay. Photo courtesy Rae Huo. Q: I'm thinking about a portable bar why do I need one? A: Portable bars are a nice touch. They also hold ice longer because they are insulated. The bars are mobile so you can alter they layout of your event from the cocktail hour to the reception for instance.

They look nicer in photographs weddings instead of using a plastic table. If you get one of our beverage packages you get 1 bar rental included in the price! Q: How much space does your portable bar require? A: We will need roughly an 8' x 8' space. The table provides valuable under-storage and is necessary when using glassware. Q: Why would I do a full service beverage package? A: Convenience and Value. We shop from different stores for our supplies. Q: What about water for the guests?

A: Water for guests who are arriving early to help decorate or who arrive prior to the scheduled start of bar service needs to be arranged to be provided by the venue or the caterer or the host. We see it all the time that nobody thinks of this important provision! If it goes on the dinner table it needs to be provided by the food caterers.

The salary of a successful bartender

They handle the tables, we handle the bars. Our beverage packages do include water so if clients want to order water from the Bartender we will have some, but we will not have enough to supply table service if the caterers forget to include it in their supplies. Q: I got a price quote but am not sure when I should put down a deposit or make final payment?

A: Its up to you. We sell out on many dates several months in advance especially during wedding season.

Saturdays are the first to sell out every month. Every weekend in December will sell out each year. Holidays sell out. Final payment is due 10 days prior so that we can place orders, arrange our delivery schedule, and staff our events for that day.

3 Ways Great Bartenders Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Sales

Yours is not the only event that day, we do multiple events on the same date all over the state. First-come, first-serve. Q: What area do you service? A: We will go anywhere in the state depending on dates and delivery requests. Our free delivery area is anywhere within a 25 mile radius from Sky Harbor Airport. Q: What about trash removal? Q: What about a champagne toast for our wedding? A: Great idea, although becoming very common to skip the champagne toast and have guests simply "raise their glass" of whatever beverage they are already enjoying.