An Elegant Solution

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Development in the estuary deprived Chinook salmon, steelhead and other salmonid species of prime rearing habitat that juvenile fish need as they transition from fresh- to saltwater. According to court documents, the federal agreement will address the unauthorized discharge of oil and other harmful compounds on properties that the public port now owns. The agreement requires the Navy to address harmful substances on land now owned or operated by Naval Station Everett.

Works well. An elegant solution.

The proposed settlement is subject to a day public comment period. Noah Haglund: ; nhaglund heraldnet. Twitter: NWhaglund. Regional firms need more local workers to fill skilled jobs: out-of-staters tend not to relocate.

An Elegant Solution

One man suffered a life-threatening gunshout wound to the chest. The other was hit in the arm.

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As Emerald City Trolley stops service, city leaders will weigh paying for the popular attraction. Roger BelAir teaches the art of the game with the funny name to inmates and at courts in Edmonds. The northbound lane will be for carpools and is expected to open by the end of Leo Baldwin became a beloved Whidbey Island icon and spent his life fostering community connections.

Woods where children once rode bikes are strewn with tents, trash and needles. This was my interest.

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Even Gottlieb had held the Galileo Chair of Astronomy there years before. I wanted to go myself to Venice and Rome and Padua. We talked awhile before they left toward their home and beds, and I watched them leave.

But I stayed in the Barefoot Square. It has always been the poor whose feet were bare. Their Square was named for the church on it, and their church was plain and very large and worth more to them than shoes.

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It was built in old times by barefoot friars who knew poverty. I went in. It was lit by a few candles and they brightened more than all the fires in the Boot and Thorn.

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The ceiling was higher inside than the roof outside, so far above the stones of the floor that the air inside the church was pulled thin by it. It was plain timber, not like the decorated toppings that crown wealthier churches. Two central walls hung from the ceiling a short distance, then split into peaked arches. Long pillars gripped the arches, held up by their tight hold.

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The pillars reached down to the stone floor and pulled upward on it, so the whole church was supported and lifted by its highest steeple. The floor grasped the crypt and the crypt was bedded in the rock and soil of the earth, which meant that Basel, and the whole planet, was held up by the church and the church by the heavens.

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Potential readers need not be put off by the fact that the novel comes from a Christian publisher. Religion only enters the picture in places where it naturally might in the mind of a young scientist viewing the world through Christian lenses. Buy this work of mathematical fiction and read reviews at amazon.

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Note: This is just one work of mathematical fiction from the list. To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage. Historical Fiction , Mystery ,. Real Mathematicians , Religion ,.