An Unexpected CHange of Heart

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After Gon was told this Gon literally gave everything he had to stop pitou, and gained enough power to kill her. He becomes this Hulking beast.

A Mighty Change of Heart

After he transformed, he beat the shot out of pitou Meruem was born from the Queen Chimera ant, whom he killed. Destined to rule rule over all pretty much He was stopped by the humans so he wouldn't rule all. The human that played the biggest part was this little loli. You ask how well I'll just give you a brief answer. The result of Komugi appearing in Meruem's life, changed his view upon himself and humans.

He realized just how fragile and innocent some creatures are, also she changed his heart slowly. Lol this isn't a romance series either.

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After a fight with the chairman Netero, it so happens he was poisoned and didn't have much time to live. Knowing that he was gonna die soon he wanted to see komugi and play one last game of Gungi. If you haven't seen it I'd say give it a try it won't disappoint. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Likes Comments 4. Like I liked it I think it was great character development for Gon.

The Unexpected Interdependence of Heart and Mind | The Science of Psychotherapy

Narra Zugo. Comedian Louis C. I feel like I know enough things. If—like C. We went through years of trial and error to find the job, friends, leisure activities, even clothes, that fit us best.

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We are comfortable. Why bother with aliens?

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Self-preservation is a strong survival instinct. When we are threatened, we puff up our chests and bare our teeth to defend our position, property and point of view. But one great paradox of humanity is that our self-preservation requires adaptation. We have to change in order to remain.

The Doctrine of Christ

And the world does change—and not just in catastrophic ways like meteors or global warming. Your go-to Italian trattoria could close. Knee pain might end your morning runs. Your job may become automated. Are you open to change? To help? Are you coachable? If not, your alien encounter might not go so well. Following are three powerful techniques for opening your heart, mind and life to change. Affirm your values. When we feel threatened, our defenses immediately go up.

Unexpected Change of Heart

To protect our self-esteem , we may deny our faults and find many in others. If your work team wins a pitch, for example, you might assume it was because of your own hard work and strategy. But there is a way to counteract this ego-protecting instinct. In a recent study of the self-affirmation theory, Lisa Legault, Ph. Half of the participants were then asked to write a short essay about their highest-ranked value and what it meant to them.

The others were instructed to write why their highest-ranked value was not particularly important to them. All of the participants then took a simple performance test push a button when you see the letter M but not the letter W. The participants who had been asked to undermine their values showed greater signs of neurological distress when they made mistakes, causing them to perform even worse.