Better Together: A Model University-Community Partnership for Urban Youth

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Teaching young people from all over Georgia about different topics including: goal-setting, project management and leadership. Moreover, I am a member of the FLEX alumni network, through which I participate in different activities including clean-up activities around the country. In addition, when I was in the United States from my exchange year, I volunteered for hours in a library helping staff to collect books and to negotiate with other libraries.

I received a certificate of appreciation from the U. S Department of State at the end of the programme in …. After graduating with honours from a public school for the blind in Tbilisi, I went to the U. There I first experienced volunteering. I tutored several blind children in elementary school. I also participated in Erasmus Plus youth seminars 3 times.

Whilst studying I wrote and contributed to a couple of research items both as a student and disabled rights…. I graduated from Nikozi Public School, a borderline village in the Tskhinvali region. I am currently a junior student at the International Black Sea University IBSU , pursuing a degree in international relations and economy with a full scholarship.

My interests in extra-curricular activities trace back to my high school period, when I was involved in various forums, debates, conferences, simulations, intellectual or cultural competitions and volunteering. I was a winner in a number of scientific conferences and public speaking competitions. Furthermore, I was a project manager at the "Proactive Group Georgia" NGO aimed at promoting youth empowerment, an active civil society and generally non-formal education.

Last year I became a part of the YEAs' family, so I had the great chance to cooperate with youngsters to inform them about EU values and opportunities. I particiated in several short….

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I think that the real connection between people and nations is made by culture, and especially through art. Now, the most popular types of art are music and film. I'm a film producer and director. Also, I have a lot of experience in working with young artists and promoting their art.

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My goal is to film real people with real stories but in a universal way, to try and make people more connected spiritually. My academic backround is based on political science. During my academic years in Azerbaijan I worked with Dalga Wave Youth Movement and was part of many projects in the field of human rights, democracy and other political and social issues.

Moving from member to Chairman , I have been representing the movement in local and international events and actively participating in civil society issues advocating for youth empowerment.

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I also worked with local and international organizations to develop projects about human rights, democracy, gender, and tolerance. I am currently also working at a Swedish organisation focused on women's rights and multiculturalism. I was raised in a very rural area near Hamburg. In 11th grade I went abroad, to live and study for a year in Argentina. After finishing secondary school I moved to Bonn for my studies of political science and communications. I have always been interested in politics and social topics. For that reason there was no doubt I would study social sciences and for that same reason, I started volunteering for Amnesty International in After a semester abroad at the University of Toronto, I started working part time at an agency for civic participation.

At its core, civic participation is about creating dialogue, which I believe that dialog is key in fostering an integrated society. For I hope to finish my undergraduate degree and become involved in the YEAs' network as a way to foster dialogue between young folks from European Union and those from the Eastern Neighbourhood.

I obtained a B. Alongside my studies and professional endeavors, I take part in numerous local and international events. I am currently volunteering in Cluj Napoca, Romania. From an early age, I have been passionate about studying foreign languages and diplomacy. When the moment came to choose my university, I knew it had to be in another country and thus I chose Austria, while at the same time continuing long-distance learning at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova.

My studies in Austria taught me the specificities of intercultural communication and led me to continue my path abroad by applying to the College of Europe in Bruges and being selected for the European Neighbourhood scholarship. In the meanwhile, I helped some of my friends organize a big charity concert with the release of more than Chinese lanterns in the spirit of hope. My volunteering experience started in when I organized a conference at my University aimed at promoting entrepreneurship. Later on, through different organizations, I participated in more than events as a volunteer and I managed to organize more than 70 voluntary actions for different social groups in need.

At Labyrinth of Senses we create tailor made programs in order to raise awareness on a lot of social issues like equal human rights, disability, diversity, inclusion and love. My goal in life is to travel around the world and apply…. I am an Intern at the Embassy of Georgia to Italy.

Previously, I was part of the 'civitas Georgica' - an organization covering social topics, such as active citizenship, democracy promotion and peacebuilding. I was first a participant in a project called 'Together with children's rights and democracy'. Following that, I worked as a trainer with Armenian and Azerbaijani minorities in Georgia as part of a summer school.

In Poland, I volunteered in the "Bridge to Georgia" organisation, through which we promoted Georgian culture and a specific approach to conflict resolution in the context of the Georgian-Russian conflict in Abkhazia and South-Ossetia.

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Our goal is to help them get involved in Armenian society. My identity has been strongly shaped by my surroundings: born in Ukraine, raised in Armenia, and currently living in France has allowed me to strengthen my ties to the European continent and civilization. I am a young European with deep aspirations and strong beliefs in democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

Over the past several years, I have been active in the civic life of my country by organizing, volunteering and participating in a number of local and international events related to sports, culture, human rights and peacebuilding, among others. I am also a very adventurous traveler! I am currently finishing my second master's degree in International Law. So far, I realized that it is not where you are that matters, but the value you bring to society, the people you communicate with and the positive influence you are able to make on them.

I'm a high school student and I have been involved in a number volunteering activities since the age of I consider myself as someone who always says "YES" to new challenges. Embassy in Yerevan. I believe, that only via education, can we achieve successes and be a part of global change. Since moving to Tserovani, I've been involved in numerous trainings law-related, project writing, social media, debating and management training and learning programmes in order to receive a non-formal education.

Besides that, I have my own blog. I have twice won blog competitions and been nominated as a 'citizen journalist'. I also went to Poland for an educational visit for the School of Debates, which motivated me to establish a club at my school, where I used to be project organiser. I have been living in Poland since I was mainly responsible for contacting and building relationships with French companies based in Poland, with the view to further develop their CSR strategy.

In , I attended as a fellow the European Forum Alpbach, focused on the topic of diversity and resilience. Looking back at the forum, not only was it an extraordinary opportunity to connect with passionate and talented people, but also, an opportunity to gain new perspectives about the European Neighborhood Policy which I found fascinating. I am currently writing my Master's thesis on the internalization speed of INVs from Central and Eastern Europe and commitment into foreign….

I am a socially active youth leader with 7 years of experience in youth leadership, youth work and education, economics and business management. We have already empowered more than youth from Georgia and abroad to benefit from our projects in various ways. Moreover, I work as a freelance trainer and project manager of international educational projects.

Since , I have delivered training courses in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Moldova, Bulgaria and Georgia - about topics ranging from youth leadership, and project management to personal development…. I was the Georgian Youth Delegate at the Council of Europe in , working on issues of youth engagement in politics at the grassroots level. From , I have been an active member of the Students Scientific Circle, which encouraged me to take part in almost 35 students scientific conferences and forums.

Walltown, Durham, North Carolina

In , I was among several students who participated in the summer school by ICMPD and with the possibility to attend lectures mentored by Professors from Oxford, Cambridge and Maastricht universities. Because of my academic achievements I was awarded with state scholarships five times in a row. In , I was awarded with the scholarship of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, which is given annually to one student with excellent academic achievements.

With support from the U. My first experience in international projects was through the European Athletics Youth Championships where I was Volunteering at the transport department. It was an honour for me to be an interpreter for the Indonesian Ambassador. I like communicating, challenging myself and reaching my goals. I want the best for my country, so I always try to share my experience with young Georgians. I want to give them the opportunity to be aware of European values and their importance for our development.

I was born and raised in Georgia, one of the former Soviet republics. Georgia was the least oppressed state by the communist regime; nevertheless, from the very beginning children were taught at schools to maintain communist values and habits. Then suddenly there was a political and economic cataclysm and everything old vanished and the country started to face a totally new life and world.

That is where the second phase of my life started. Capitalism, market economy, a new way of thinking, a new way of living — all these and much more appeared as obstacles. These challenges were difficult for my country to face and for me personally, it required great flexibility in order to adapt to the changing circumstances. The way to success for me was not easy; however, in each stage of my life I've done my best to prove my leadership potential. My academic performance at the University of Georgia helped me to participate in various conferences and workshops, through which I have gained….

I am a final-year high school student in Gori, Georgia. At the age of 14 I decided to go beyond the traditional educational system and try different ways of learning new things. The first step was participating in a project called "Modeling the EU Parliament" which has influenced me most. It took place in Tbilisi.

There I learned that everyone could succeed and improve their skills. I became the best delegate in that project. I think my way to success is not an easy one because I am always trying to find my own way instead of following the flow, but as Chris Grosser once said…. I graduated from high school in Gali, Abkhazia with a certificate of honour. During my undergraduate studies, I participated in different conferences in the field of Human Rights, Gender Issues, EU Development and Democracy and other related topics on a local and international level.

At the same time, I have working for different NGOs as a youth worker and social entrepreneur, as well as a data analyst for the Danish Refugee Council. I am currently a fourth year student at the American University in Armenia, Bacherlor of Arts in Business, focused on accounting. I strive to leave a mark wherever I go and I wish to contribute towards a stronger, more united, and more cohesive European Union.

I am serving as a member of the Board at a soon-to-be-startup which organizes large-scale personal development events for youth. I graduated my Erasmus with Certicificate of Gratitude. I am former reporter in Azerbaijan Television. I am very proud to be a YEA. Between June-August , I volunteered in Transylvania, Romania where I helped organise trips and events for children. I am a post-graduate student at the Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Besides that, I have been working in youth-led NGOs for more than three years. Currently, I am the National Representative of the Erasmus Student Network in Azerbaijan and I am working as a social activist in the fields of human rights education and gender equality. I work with people in the regions and in Baku.

I graduated from the Azerbaijan University of Languages with a bachelor degree in English language and literature in Currently, I work as an English teacher at school No. Besides that, I am a civil society activist. I have been a volunteer at One Caucasus festival where I had a chance to interact with local children from villages in Georgia. As a team, we created social projects for young people with less access to quality education. Feeling responsible for the environment, I started to work as a volunteer for the "Eco Baku" social initiative.

Additionally, having gained experience as a trainer, I now run a project on gender equality in cooperation with UNAG to empower young people to be the voice of their communities. As a young leader of the Rotary Club, I always try to make positive changes in my community. I am currently pursuing a B. I am volunteering with different NGOs in Georgia, as well as abroad.

Outside my studies, I have participated in a number of conferences, workshops and trainings. I work at the Ukrainian-American Linguistic Centre as an interpreter and teacher. I study marketing at university. What concerns my sphere of scientific interests, I mostly work on the South Caucasus region, especially Georgia. Together with a small team I am working on a project aimed at empowering young women and ensuring their active civic participation. I willingly volunteer at meaningful events. Alongisde this, I study Contemporary Art and Drama at the European College of Liberal Arts, as well as working on my own project devoted to inequality.

In July I completed two-month training and mentorship programme on "Youth participation in Internet Governance" under the "Digital Grassroots" international youth initiative. Now I am going to conduct a module on internet-related issues for adolescents, under a local educational project for youth. From to I played tennis. During that time, I took part in various state and international tournaments, training sessions and sport camps. My sports career gave me excellent life experience as well as an opportunity to visit around 30 countries and become the winner of different tennis competitions.

During my student years, I volunteered in a number of international events like the European Hockey Championship as a translator and interpreter. Currently I participate in Global translator community on Coursera and study Japanese. I just want to mention only recent 3 jobs, because this is not a platform for job searchers. Just kidding, be relaxed. I am lecturing at American University of Armenia since academic year. It was not quite long ago: May - December Yerevan State University is my Alma matter.

I have obtained my Bachelor's degree there, but now I deliver lecture as a guest professor at Printed and Broadcast Media Chair. As an active young professional I am involved in many activities, but only recent activities are going to be mentioned. I am volunteering at Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia since My membership to Yerevan Press Club started in early …. I have worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist at T. I was organising events, making presentations, carrying out surveys. I was born in Omsk, Russia. I studied at school No. At university, I realised it was never too late to become socially active.

I am now an intern at the Yarat! I hold the position of Programme Coordinator, coordinating one big programme for young people from all over Moldova. Back in the summer of , I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange programme in South Carolina in the USA. There I studied Civic Engagement for two months.

My major is European Public Policy. I was a Presidential Scholarship holder between In , I was awarded with the "Youth of the Year" Award by the Minister of Youth and Sports because of my active participation in the formation of civil society. I represented the voice of Azerbaijani youth in different European youth events in Additionally, I am a youth…. I am also the event manager at the "Grow Me Up" youth project.

In the summer of , I had the great opportunity to take part in an exchange programme with the Children's Village in Trogen, Switzerland. There i worked together with teenagers from 9 different countries and discussed such issues as discrimanation, human rights, personality, etc. My interests lay predominantly in European law, European policy making and human rights. Through multiple initiatives, we want to help create capabilities to identify, produce, process, transform, disseminate and use information to build and apply knowledge for human development.

I can be considered good at project management, entrepreneurship, marketing and public relations. In , I was elected the president of my School Council, which implies a lot of work and responsibilities, as I am the voice of my peers in the council of the administration. My team and I have succeeded in implementing new facilities for pupils, including access to a "relax-room" for children, free drinking water, a little change in our uniform in order to be more comfortable for us during the warm seasons and, of course, a lot of activities for entertainment.

I am really fond of board games and entertainment activities. I became a socially active citizen two years ago, when first tried to play debates in WS format, a special method of non-formal education that completely changed my life. During these two years, I have been a board member of the "Debate Academy" and I've founded a debate club in my school called "Male Development Academy".

I am now the leader of an organization called "The Association of Young Diplomats". Some of the experiences that have changed my life included being a participant in the Pestalozzi Foundation Exchange in Switzerland in and in the EaP Summer Camp in Georgia. I am currently a law student with vast volunteering experience. Another was in Dilijan, Armenia, where we designed ideas for social entrepreneurship and presented them to the EaP Youth Conference in Vienna to find sponsors for our projects.

Since I have been doing voluntary work for various youth NGOs, representing different fields, among them human rights and environmental protection. In , I was an intern at a prominent Georgian think-tank called "Georgian Center for Security and Development" where I developed my professional skills.

I am involved in the field of youth development, youth training and youth work since I started to train internationally in , gaining experience with different audiences on local, regional and international levels.

Youth Challenging Community: between hope and stigmatizationI

My main focus is on youth work, youth participation and social entrepreneurship. I started volunteering back in high school as a member of a youth NGO called "Interact Triumph Club", where I was involved in organizing charity events. My main responsibility was to write at least one article per week related to politics, gender equality, economy, culture or international affairs. Between July and October , I interned for the Embassy of Romania in France, within the press and politics department where I was in charge of writing the daily press release.

Moreover, I had the chance to go to some interesting conferences to also work on European Affairs and to organize events at the embassy. I work as an English teacher in a small village in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. I believe that the future of our country and our world is in today's classrooms that's why I try to give my students not just theoretical knowledge but also the inspiration to believe that they can achieve everything if they really wish to. The main aim of my life is to develop a strong and intelligent personality.

This idea has encouraged me to become an active student, volunteer and activist. When I was 8, my father brought me a big world map and put it on my wall. After that, I started learning geography and my father used to tell me interesting facts about countries. This childhood hobby was the first step towards my passion for travelling, relations between people and, as a consequence, international relations. This experience completely changed me and to some extent determined my life goals. At the age of 17, I joined the European Youth Parliament and decided to focus my life on international relations.

In my last year of studies, after completing a traineeship at the Embassy of Cyprus in Ukraine, I took up the post of Consular Officer and Media analyst there. I was also responsible for cultural projects in the Embassy and a member of an operational group to promote French language in Ukraine - "Francophonie en Ukraine". I consider being a part of the YEAs' initiative an opportunity to continue my self-improvement and growth in the field of diplomacy and international relations, as well as a chance to contribute to my country's development.

Besides that, since the age of 17, I've been involved in different volunteer activities in my country. I'm a third-year student of English philology at Kyiv Grinchenko University. I was previously a student of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy in Mykolaiv Over the past two years, I have been volunteering for the Bissierstrasse Refugee Camp Freiburg and Kappeler Knoten Refugee Camp Freiburg , learning to work with children and adults from countries affected by war, to help them fit and feel welcomed into their new society. During my February Project week, I was a volunteer for the Prague Thrift Shop, which worked to donate parts of their profit to NGOs that helped disadvantaged groups, such as single mothers or abandoned children.

In college, I was the leader of a creativity club of visual arts and I had my own art exhibition on exposing human vulnerability to violence. I started my studies in International Relations, focusing on the field of public and cultural diplomacy. In parallel, I participated in many international projects including those within Erasmus, TOTs, forums and many local activities organized by the Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Culture and Azerbaijani Youth Foundation. I also volunteered for an initiative in Berlin that brings together unaccompanied asylum-seeking children with voluntary legal custodians and started to implement the EU's GDPR within that initiative.

Being part of the YEAs' initiative to me means promoting the worth of such a unique partnership and to stand up against the current strengthening nationalistic tendencies. I grew up in Finland in a city called Lahti. Currently I am a final year law student at the University of Helsinki where my specialisation is EU and international law. In , I also interned for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and through that experience became very interested in the field of transitional or post-conflict justice.

Additionally I took part in the International Criminal Court Moot court competition last spring, where my team made it to the semi-finals. In the future, I wish to work in the field of diplomacy. In I represented NCS as part of their national advertising campaign, helping to promote their scheme whilst discussing important taboo topics. I also hope in to set up my own organisiation to run projects for young people as I have seen first-hand the many positive effects of the scheme. I am currently studying online for my Bachelors degree as this gives me flexibilty to travel, engage in volunteering projects and conferences, something i really prioritse in my life.

I love working with NGOs, start-ups, and young people. In , I graduated from Marneuli, Azizkend public school with high grades. I spent 10 days with my school friends at a Winter Camp in Bakuriani. I love travelling so much and always want to discover new places. My native language is Azerbaijani. I also speak English and Turkish fluently, above-average Georgian and basic Russian.

In , I was a President of IAAS, the largest student organization in the field of agriculture and related sciences worldwide, where I am nowadays working as a soft skill trainer. I have lived in four different countries and visited over 20 in Europe, North America, and Asia. Growing up on US army bases in Germany, I learned how to adapt to different cultures, languages and lifestyles. I started my Bachelor's in Brussels, Belgium, and then moved to Prague, Czechia to continue my last year. I am passionate about disability rights as well as environmental sustainability.

I have been a YEA for two years now, and my most memorable moment was traveling to Armenia and speaking about the EU with the kids and youth there. I came back to Global-In Fellowship in as a mentor. Alongside this, I am managing my own anti-corruption project Integritas and a renewable-energy startup Tinja. I am pursuing an academic and career path in the field of International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Informatics. I am a highly motivated, self-starting, curious and goal-oriented student. I have volunteer experience as a tutor on the topic of new technologies and practical use of computers, photo archiving and digitalization and event organization.

I have also done marketing internships and been involved in programmes that allowed me to gain experience in team-work, business pitching and product development, as well as international communications. I have also taken part in a programme called "Space Challenges " doing market research and developing a business plan as part of a team with 5 people. Currently, I am interested in starting EYP activities in Bulgaria and working on some other projects. For me, becoming a Young European Ambassador means that I get the chance to be a more active citizen, participate in more initiatives around Europe and contribute to the further….

I was born in on the brisk of the New Millennium. My first years were spent at a Russian school, where I learnt Russian and English. Later on I chose German, which I perfected over the years. After high school, I will most probably start studying Biochemistry. As for my interests, I would have to put languages first, followed by linguistics. I am interested in international affairs and how to communicate to people from different cultural backgrounds and religions. I am the author of three articles on economic topics that have been published on the CESD website.

Between January and April , I volunteered as a Sales Manager at AISEC , which entailed working with participants, preparing a budget, and ansewering questions from the international audience. I've also been an Applicant Day Ambassador and Peer Mentor for my university and a transcriber for a local language academy. I have long been interested in politics, social activism and most importantly - youth engagement. I participated in a number of youth programmes both in Poland and abroad, such as Global-In Fellowship and School of Democracy. I am a proud European who wishes to work for the EU one day.

Since childhood, I have not given up on my dream to become an ambassador. I have therefore become strongly interested and involved in the international relations of Ukraine and EU. I enjoy taking different classes and gaining new experiences. However, what I enjoy most is discovering the world and learning about cultural diversity. Moreover, I was a member of the Model United Nations community in and I am an active, open-minded person.

I'm sure that the best motivation to do something is "I want to see world the way it should be, not the world the way it is". Let's change our world together! I was born in the little town of Kivsharivka in the Kharkiv oblast. I was travelled a lot during my childhood, having also lived for a period of two years in Stockholm, Sweden.

I now live in Kharkiv, having graduated from high school and am studying pastry-making. Next year I am going to study special education. I am a young professional with a variety of experience in the civil society sphere. Before that, I held leading positions at the ABF Belarus non-formal education organization for a few years. This is my second time as an exchange student - I did a semester abroad at the University of Glasgow in Scotland during my 2nd year of studies.

I am excited to be a part of the YEAs initiative as this is an amazing opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge, meet like-minded and inspiring people and work together towards reaching our common goals. I like being involved in different activities inside EHU and outside the university. I am constantly participating as a volunteer at EHU annual conferences, workshops, and open doors days.

These are the great opportunities to meet new people and gain new skills for the future. As a student of International law, I am interested in Human Rights law and in July I participated in the 10th Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court where I was able to listen to students from all over the world and compare my ideas about the current situation in the sphere of human rights with theirs. I am excited to be a member of this community.

I am a current student of Ilia state university and a graduate of Silesia state university in Poland, with major in social sciences. I was always actively involved in politics. I was a deputy of Youth Parliament of Georgia, and I used to work with motivated youth group about Euro integration, Environmental and Energy security, which was very important experience for me. Also, I was always actively involved in international and local trainings and conferences. Moreover, I have experience in doing and being involved in research in several organizations.

I am a member of several NGO. Therefore, I have worked in several youth projects in Georgia, as well as, in Europe. I am a feminist to see to it that highly skilled women achieve positions of power and leadership. I was born and raised in the south of Poland. Between and , I was an International Baccalaureate student. Furthermore, I work as teaching assistant for mathematics and Academic Skills.

I am German according to my passport, but a passionate European and currently based in Poland. I study Polish and Russian and have many amazing friends from the Eastern Neighbourhood countries. On top of that, I am involved in many different projects. I want to raise awareness within my surroundings and the EU generally of the richness of the culture of Eastern Neighbourhood countries and the value of treating them as close friends. I am a young researcher and a professional interested in development.

As a student, I participated in various conferences and much of my research focused on the EU, Eastern Europe and the relations between them. These organizations have given me the chance to organize projects and actively contribute to campaigns promoting youth engagement in decision making and active citizenship. In order to gain an even…. I make investigative journalism materials for Open Media Hub portal.

I'm a smartworking, flexible, ambitious, responsible, imaginative, courageous, enthusiastic and easy going individual with a wide range of interests and experiences. In addition to the cross-cultural experience with EU culture, I have also got the chance to get to know my colleagues' experiences, which are very different from my own.

I am passionate about meeting different people and discovering new outlooks which I'm sure will also help me to contribute to our activities more effectively in the future. My wish is for people to be more open to dialogue and to try to change the world in their own small way. Merging old and new is at the core of the business. And so ongoing collaborations with local and international artists, illustrators, designers and crafty people are key to producing their beautiful, original and limited-edition homewares. Starting the university years, I participated in various local and international projects where I gained numerous practical and theoretical knowledge.

According to my own experiences, such international organizations do not only broaden our perspective but also motivates us to be more involved in society. There, I gained a lifelong experience and understood how much I love and enjoy to work with youth. Since that time I have been involved in various international and local projects that most of them are about social transformation and how to make a positive impact in our community.

I believe the butterfly effect that even a small action done by any of us can contribute to the big development of the community. Because I know we humans have that power to make the world a better…. In , I was head of my class and a member of my school's self-government body. I am a winner of many olympiads and competitions in English and Mathematics both at local and international levels. Finally, I volunteered as an interpreter at the International Education Fair I was born and raised in a rural area of Armenia.

However, through my life experiences I proved that being from a rural area can actually be an advantage. I did EVS and have travelled to several countries around the world. EU financed projects have been truly great for creating the person that I am now. Through YEA network I am trying to do my best to reach out to everyone about this great initiative.

It is my ambition to work towards making the world a better place. Along with being a Young European Ambassador, I am a member of the European Youth Parliament , allowing me to participate in different sessions at the regional, national and international levels, where we discuss relevant issues related to politics, economics, the enviroment, etc.

I would like to mention that I'm interested in Polish culture and this summer I got the chance to spend three weeks in Lublin, Poland to study Polish language and culture. I like to travel and to discover all corners of the world. I feel privileged to be a Young European Ambassador and assist in connecting youth. I believe that this journey as a YEA will be very productive and exciting.

I work as a Market Analyst in IT industry and dedicate my free time to volunteering. As a Young European Ambassador and Global Shaper, I had a chance to take part in the organization of several educational, youth empowerment, environmental and culture-related projects, as well as lead a winning team at a disinformation workshop in Kiev timed with the annual CORLEAP meeting. I became a volunteer of AFS Hungary in early , and I designed a new website for my local chapter, wrote articles for our magazine and organised programmes for exchange students.

In August, I succesfully applied for my first 'adult' job at Kinsta I was working on weekends and during vacations too. Here I upload content to our own website in 9 soon 10 langauages, keep contact with translators, search for WordPress related events we can sponsor, etc. I am a 10th grade student and an active young leader. I also often take part in different competitions and conferences in school and volunteer projects. I am developing my own little buisness as a craftsman. I then started working in the civil society sector as part of various youth and social projects.

In I joined and in started heading the "Human library" project which aimed at challenging stereotypes and prejudices. During this time, I helped to implement more than 20 human library events, activities in the framework of the FRI Open University and the European Cinema Festival, coordinating volunteering platforms and conducting informal trainings, etc.

In , I participated in the EU Study Days, which raised awareness on issues related to European Integration, international economic relations and sustainability. Up until now, I have gained one year of experience in economy and auditing, having…. I do visual research and like working in social media management and PR. In my free time, I work as a designer and media promoter. In my first year of university, I became a member of the student's union and was responsible for all online activities and the coordinator of LSP.

I pay a lot of attention to the problems of youth especially the topics of higher education and postgraduate uncertainty. I presented a paper at the Baltic Organizational Meeting in Estonia, where I spoke about minority rights issues. Besides, I took part in an International EHU conference, where I spoke about the very narrow area of knowledge that is covered by higher education, which landed me a request for publishing. I am passionate about human rights and transitional justice.

So far I have lived in 6 different countries for my studies, allowing me to gain experience in multicultural environments. I strongly believe that a stronger Europe means being stronger together, not allowing ourselves to be torn apart by differences, but focusing on similarities and working for a common space where everyone can learn from each other. I consider myself a European citizen. In a world seeking leadership, only a stronger Europe based on peaceful cohabitation of differences can lead. After having completed the last year of my studies in Budapest, Hungary, I realized how different people's perceptions of the EU and how diverse their ideas about the future of Europe are.

I have completed several internships in Budapest and Germany, one of them at the representation of the European Commission in Bonn. I am now volunteering for several initiatives that explain the EU to young people and encourage them to engage in the European project. In the past I volunteered at a refugee shelter and for Amnesty International.

My current job focuses on cultural projects funded by the EU and cultural exchange in Europe. Thus, my goal is to bring young people with diverse and multicultural backgrounds in the framework of the EU together and engage in a dialogue about a future of unity for a strong Europe.

My role as a global citizen includes a commitment to make a positive impact on society through my passion for work with youth, people with disabilities, and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Being a Young European Ambassador matches my career plans as I want to pursue a career in global diplomacy and international affairs. I am very interested in human rights, culture, history, literature and art. I truly believe that my profession can change society for the better.

As such, an important part of the process for me is being a young professional who has a love for humanity in his heart. We need to work together for a democratic future. Together we are stronger, and this is the only way we can achieve great results in our work. A big part of my time, energy and resources are dedicated to community development projects in the Vayots dzor region. I currently work on my startup in the field of rural tourism development. During my MA studies, I also graduated in a broadcasting course at the 'Art Ej' studio school of journalism and public relations, which lasted for 11 months.

I have been the organizer of FrYday events for professionals since May I am trying to make Armenia a European country. I graduated with a Master's degree from the College of Europe European studies last year and hold a Bachelor's degree in International Relations, having recently started my career in the field of communications and project management. I did an internship in Ilko Kucheriv "Democratic Initiatives" Foundation and worked as a project manager in the international movie distribution organization "CinemaHall".

My hometown is Donetsk. As an International Relations student, the opportunity to engage with an authentic European milieu is one of the best ways I could envisage as an end to my Bachelor's degree in Bucharest. Being a Young European Ambassador combines both the theoretical and practical approaches that I have adopted until now. Moreover, having collaborated with national and international institutions has equipped me with a practical and proactive approach to life and allowed me to meet people who have had a profound impact on my life. I am excited to applying this ethic in the context of youth and Europe, which embodies the values I trust most.

During the past years I have been involved in several volunteering activities. The latest activity I've been involved is "Parlamentul Tinerilor" where I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the legislative process in my country. I am passionate about European foreign policy and relations, and I continue to educate myself and endeavour to explore socio-cultural issues and the multiple paradoxes that make up our society. The more I learn, the more my enthusiasm increases to make a difference as a woman and a European, in a professional capacity in the European Union.

I am very honoured to now represent EU Member States in the framework of the Young European Ambassadors network, and be able to help make the difference for a better future. I have an MSc in Economic Analytics with extensive international experience over 25 training sessions, exchanges and projects in Europe and Caucasus, with over 41 countries visited altogether. I'm interested in peacebuilding and cross-cultural dialogue in the South Caucasus region as well as sustainable social equality in Azerbaijan. I work closely with such alliances and organizations trying to come up with innovative and original solutions for these problems.

In my free time I casually read or work on film scripts. I'm an amateur filmmaker - I shoot experimental short films. I am a sophomore at Yerevan State University YSU at the Faculty of International Relations, so I am a future diplomat and, hopefully, ambassador and will be honored to represent Armenia in other countries and international platforms.

As such, being a Young European Ambassador is a responsible and important position for me and I am very grateful to the European Union for this opportunity. So never be scared to take a step closer to your dreams, just do it. And a little bit about me: I have been the President of the Pupil Council at my high school for four years. I graduated from school with a Gold Medal of Excellence. I have participated in numerous competitions, events, international and national programmes. My interest in Europan politics and youth involvement started in high school when I became an active member and Swedish national representative of the European Youth Parliament.

At university, I have been involved in several youth projects that aim to foster political debate among young indiviudals. For example, I have had a seat at the board of directors of Lund University's association for political and economic debate and during the next spring semester, I will be the national youth coordinator for the European Parliament's election in May With regards to my overall academic interests I have mainly taken courses in European Integration, EU law, development policy and international development.

In conclusion, I have a firm belief that youth work and orginization on a European level is crucial for the EU's young generation to become aware on how to use international cooperation as a means to solve the future's increasingly transnational politiclal problems and challenges. I am a 19 year old spanish university student.

I am also member of the ELU, a Spanish top-talent youth network connecting more than members over 40 Spanish universities developing personal skills such as teamwork, creativity, innovation and openness to change. On the volunteer side, as I am particularly concerned by social matters, I am the leader of a person youth group as part of a Mission to Hinojosa del Duque, Schoensttat.

Our generation has the ability and the responsibility to make our ever-more connected world a more hopeful, stable and peaceful place. I want to bring my support in order to achieve these international goals and I know that even the smallest acts can bring us closer to these aims: to spread awareness and peace all over the world. I was born and raised in a small town near Chisinau where I currently live and study.

I am an energetic person that likes to busy her time with all kinds of projects and different activities beginning with debates, charity events, volunteering, teaching and traveling. But for sure my favorite activity became peer to peer education and volunteering. Being a member of the National Council of Pupils and a teacher of robotics has influenced me to be super-eager about education and teaching. In turn, this motivated me to spread information and lead an active life in order to inspire others.

I am a student, traveller and a curious person. In September , I took part in a project in Genshagen, Germany, creating workshops about the EU and visiting schools in the state of Brandenburg to speak with students. I was selected as the youth representative for Italy for the 35th Edition of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities in Strasbourg in November I am looking forward to my Erasmus semester in Germany, starting from March I am member of Leo Club International since I also graduated from a vocational programme in photography and have a degree in directing.

I am a very active young leader in society, with around six years of experience in different fields. These include leadership, volunteering, entrepreneurship, project management, communication, partnership, journalism, youth training and more. I am also involved as a partner in different NGO programmes.

I am an alumna of Think Young…. I have participated in many local and international….

Besides my university studies, I am passionate about the European Youth Parliament EYP , working with youth people, studying foreign languages and exploring different cultures. I also enjoy traveling and seizing opportunities for new adventures. I have been involved in initiatives promoting the voice of youth since I was 16, starting my journey in my local youth council. From , I was elected a trustee of the British Youth Council. In , I worked with the Council of Europe on a toolkit to foster inter-religious dialogue in local communities across Europe.

I was also given the opportunity to address over congress members on the radicalisation of young Muslims at a local level. I consulted with young Muslims and organisations within the youth sector to recommend ways in which radicalisation strategies in Europe could be inclusive. My professional and academic interest lies at the intersection of technology, human rights and democratic governance.

Since , I am a consultant at an international knowledge platform called "Innovation and Development Foundation" and headquartered in Chicago, Kiev and Tbilisi. Since , I am actively engaged with the…. My main motivation to become a Young European Ambassador is to share my experience with young Georgians and raise awareness about European values in my society. This is my final year and I would say that last four years helped me to develop myself and to grow as a person.

Projects included to help homeless and inclusive children to express their feelings and wishes with their creative works. During my University period I took part in European Youth Parliament model of United Nations as well, that showed how passionate I was about working I did and I would like to do in the future. It is the greatest honor for me to be a Young European Ambassador already for a second year in a row. In Summer I started a community through which my friend and I would train people for free, 3 to 4 times a week over a period of three months.

The goal was to share our knowledge and show that it does't take much to take care of your body. I gained volunteering experience by helping to organize events like "The European Village" and "Noaptea Cercetatorilor Europeni". I also worked at "Debate Academy", the biggest not-for-profit organisation focused on debating in Moldova. My tasks included finding a location every week and organizing a "Debate Day" where members from different clubs in our city would come and exercise their skills. I also organized a debate tournament at my Lyceum, following which I became involved in coaching and judging new debaters.

Their social reputation influenced their entrepreneurial success, and vice versa. There was a real psychological limit to individual economic gain, regularly manifest as adamant discretion concerning income. For CCS, this meant that costs were driven by the number of CCS teams, while growth per team was limited by aspects of the hustle economy and the individual success penalty. Therefore, CCS needed to fund the growth in the number of teams outside of its operational costs while creating infrastructure and partnerships that would allow it to effectively service a huge number of franchisees.

Based on interviews and focus group discussions in Mathare one of the oldest and largest slums in Nairobi , residents expressed shame and frustration concerning the sanitation conditions in their neighbourhoods, but these conditions had become normalized, as was dealing and living with them. Diseases like cholera, typhoid, and diarrhoea, which kill more than malaria or AIDS 8 , were common in the dense urban settlements where CCS operated, especially amongst children, but local residents did not link dirty toilets and disease.

CCS clients were consistently happy with the service, but repeat was limited because the full value was not perceived. How do you show a frugal client the value of disease prevention in the context and time-frame of a door-to-door sale? For example, an NGO might be building a toilet but needing a sustainable maintenance strategy. Another might be looking to seed entrepreneurship or income opportunities in a given community.

Yet another might be funded to improve sanitation and hygiene. Plan had successfully implemented CLTS in rural areas of Kenya and was a leader in its application for significant community-led sanitation improvements. However, CLTS had not yet been successfully adapted and implemented in low-income urban settlements. The work is ongoing but has already achieved improvements in local awareness over 5, residents reached , coordination 70 active volunteers and action to improve sanitation 5 toilets built, 6 sewers repaired.

Toilets have been built. Landlords are being engaged and, in some cases, shamed into improving the sanitation options they offer residents. As it evolved, CCS moved towards a hybrid model, adding increased elements of donor funding to monetize the social value it was generating. The future-state for CCS is to be market-based regarding franchisee supply while donor- or social-sector-funded for its support and sanitation awareness work. The organization was originally structured as a business, and we aim to retain its culture and DNA rooted in the private sector. At a time when both the issues of urban sanitation and youth under-employment have become crucial development challenges, CCS continues to offer the possibility of turning these two challenges into opportunities.

Until now, it has happened at a small, locally meaningful scale. Moving forward, the key will be to strike the difficult but fascinating balance between expanding and meeting the expectations of the community residents, local entrepreneurs, and institutional actors involved. These expectations and the very idea of what constitutes positive impact are inevitably articulated in different ways, and may even sometimes diverge. With the majority of humans now living in urban settings and the majority of population growth occurring within low-income communities, CCS has massive potential both as a hybrid social enterprise but, importantly, also as a model from which others can learn as they look to combine market- and donor-based approaches in operating in this emerging, challenging but critical arena.

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