Communication Skills for the Finance Industry

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Listed by Job College Grad Skills. By Alison Doyle.

3 Of The Most Valuable Transferrable Skills In A Financial Services Position

At a minimum, in-depth experience with a spreadsheet program is a must. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. Skills Required For a Job in Finance. Types of Finance Skills. Written and Verbal Communication.

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More Finance Skills. Continue Reading. The financial strength of any organization determines how effectively corporate goals can be met and the overall mission accomplished given the resources at hand. Crunching the numbers and analyzing operational successes as reflected by the data is a critical part of business systems.

However, getting everyone on board with strategies based on historical data means ensuring that the information is communicated effectively and in a timely manner. Finance deals with data, but it is important that the financial professional is able to explain the significance of data generated while composing a narrative for the implications and significance of said data.

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The financial expert should be able to explain trends, patterns and forecasts in clear and coherent ways. These explanations should be concise and information-laden because executives are often too busy to read long reports.

5 core skills you need for a job in the Finance Industry - Job Search Strategy -

Technical report writers should be skillful enough to use jargon when necessary to turn out professional reports. They must also be strong communicators and the gatekeeper to the crucial make-up of a digital business — from forecasting and building projection models, to looking ahead and inspiring further growth processes.

And, auditing is very much a part of the evolution of a modern-day workplace, plus a department people need to embrace if they are to make a success of marrying it up well with technology.

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  • But what are the true qualities to really home in on? They have to be agile, ready to embrace change, and prepare organisations for financial flux during the unpredictable times the tech industry is accustomed to. Being part of this sector requires a dynamic individual to steer the ship swiftly — with control and clear judgement — to respond to what the market instantly craves.


    Being able to bring analytical skills to the fore means businesses can greatly utilise their finance department to effectively forecast for the often erratic nature that comes with technological developments — and work on ways to overcome impending budgetary obstacles. Having the capabilities to produce processes which outline how the company can operate successfully, in a rapidly-changing industry, further cements the crucial position a financial employee holds.

    3 Of The Most Valuable Transferrable Skills In A Financial Services Position

    Not only that, they are the key to cash flow and budgeting — a huge factor in how tech firms take on new clients, and how often. Within a fast-moving industry, decisions must not stall any processes — they need to be swift and strong. Effective, financially-based judgement calls can help ensure a business always moves forwards, which can be crucial to survive, and thrive, in the ever-evolving technology sector.