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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. After the death of her father, Honey West took over his high-tech private detective firm, assisted by rugged Sam Bolt and her pet ocelot Bruce. Added to Watchlist Add to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again. Best Action Female Movies. TV Shows of Current. Share this Rating Title: Honey West — 7. Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls Here boy! Episodes Seasons. Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 2 nominations.

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Learn more More Like This. Hawaiian Eye — Action Adventure Crime. The Wild Wild West — Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Action Crime Drama. Stars: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Surfside 6 — Route 66 — Mannix — The Man from U. The Real McCoys — The Untouchables — Certificate: K Action Crime Drama. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea — Adventure Sci-Fi. Highway Patrol — Hart to Hart — Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Anne Francis Sam Bolt 30 episodes, Bruce Edit Storyline In television's first prime time series starring a female private eye, Honey West would take on any tough case.

Taglines: No case too tough! No risk too great! Danger is her constant companion! Language: English. Runtime: 30 min 30 episodes. Color: Black and White. Edit Did You Know? The similarities between the two series cannot be ignored. This show may have been ahead of its time, lasting only one season. However, by , times had changed and, sprinkled with the proper camp elements, Charlie's Angels was a runaway hit. Goofs The style of the detective agency's name changes from episode to episode. Sometimes it is "H.

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West, Private Investigators" and other times "H. West, Private Investigations. West" in the novels and not "Honey West" was twofold: Honey did not want potential clients to know she was a woman before they met her, and the business, which she had inherited from her father, Hank West, had always been called "H. Add the first question. Thanks for posting this wonderful interview. I was actually smiling when i got to the end of it. I remember the TV series quite fondly, having seen it when i was a young teen. Post a Comment. Wednesday, July 29, A Taste of Honey. I wanted to better understand what all the fuss was about.

James Bond never had one of those, now did he! Then there was the speedy little Shelby Cobra that Honey drove, and her pet ocelot, Bruce. But they helped make the Aaron Spelling -produced TV series hard to forget. John C.

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Fredriksen remembers Honey West well. The year-old Rhode Island historian is the author of Honey West , a new non-fiction tribute to that long-gone Friday night program. In his introduction to the book, Fredriksen writes: Compared to the staid female role models preceding her on television, Honey West was everything that the emerging social paradigm allowed a woman to be. Hence, my reminiscences about the series are couched in a unique dichotomy.

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Having shed and evolved beyond the social conventions of my youth, I freely acknowledge Anne Francis for her demonstrated intelligence, varied acting talents, and the impressive longevity of her career. But in Honey West she was also an in-your-face, male-wish fantasy and I embrace my inner Neanderthal by forever cherishing those daunting blue eyes, the sexy mole, the sixties flip-do, flipped to perfection, that husky voice, and pantherine form lurking beneath a skin-tight suit.

In fact, her portrayal of Honey West remains appealing simply because she never forsook her femininity, even in the rough-and-tumble world of private investigating. Kingston Pierce: What first got you interested in Honey West? Fredriksen: I was only you know, that impressionable age--when I first saw Honey West and, for reasons then unknown to me, I was simply captivated by Anne Francis. I had never quite beheld as woman like her before, especially in such a forceful, commanding role.

JKP: Tell us how the character first came into being, in print. Is that correct? JCF: Gloria tells me that Skip was the brains behind Honey West, although he patterned her to a degree after this wife of his. Gloria is something of a character in her own right, so I can see why he used her as a template.

JCF: Gloria is very outspoken, and when she was young she dealt with rambunctious young men at parties with a good kick or an occasional shove. In sum, short but fierce--not unlike Honey. JKP: Do you know anything about how the Ficklings penned their novels together? Did they both develop plots and characters, or did they have separate responsibilities?

JCF: As far as I know, Skip wrote the stories, which were then proofed by Gloria, who then tendered suggestions and modifications. And do you have a favorite among those? So, no, I am aware of the novels, but have yet to leaf through one. Can you tell us something about that episode? And what about it made it so successful in selling the spin-off series? Everything just clicked. Honey is sexy but never comes close to removing her clothes--something she did repeatedly in the novels. Nor does she have an on-screen affair with Sam Bolt, which in the novels she had and apparently enjoyed several paramours.

Given the mindset of America, this was about all that networks were willing to show. But did they like her portrayal of their character?

Anne Francis dies at 80; costarred in the 1950s science-fiction classic ‘Forbidden Planet’

In fact, I cannot think of another actress, before or since, that could fill her high heels! JCF: These days anything goes. I consider popular culture so debased by sex and violence that, if they left them out of a proposed new series, I do not think that the networks or cable channels would buy into it. That being said, I waited all 30 episodes for Sam and Honey to kiss, if only once--and they never did! JCF: I believe they tried to break clean from the novels.

In the novels, Johnny was actively known for cavorting with Honey. Sam, however, is square and totally professional towards her--much safer from a broadcasting perspective. JCF: I really dug those radio sunglasses with the little antenna on the side. Face it, how many people can be seen these days talking into their shades and not get carted away? JCF: Welcome to Tinseltown. The Ficklings were victimized by the Hollywood mentality and the machinations of their attorney, who I am sure got an even bigger pound of flesh by denying them theirs.

Pure slime at work--but then they should have known this going into the belly of the beast. But can it be said to have had a lasting influence on television? The same can be said for Cathy Gale [played by Honor Blackman] from the first season of The Avengers in the UK, but those episodes never made it over here. Honey certainly cut the template for strong female leads to follow.

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  • And Anne did it in her own sexy style. JKP: How do you think Honey West might have developed, had it been allowed to go on to second, third, even fourth seasons? JCF: First of all, they would have gone color and possibly adopted a one-hour format. I also feel that the role of Aunt Meg, a comic prop, would have been written out.

    JKP: Was the half-hour format simply too short to accommodate everything the series was trying to do? JCF: No, the series remains crisp and watchable to this day, so I do not think that 30 minutes or black and white did them it. The program failed because a bunch of suits at ABC felt they could save money without it. JCF: Two reasons. The first was programming. The biggest hit on Friday nights turned out to be none other than Gomer Pyle, U. The second was money: ABC decided that they could dress Diana Rigg up in black leather and have her beat up guys for less money than they were shelling out for Honey West.

    However, the lack of overt sex, vulgarity, and mindless violence may alienate younger viewers who are inured to it and have come to expect it. Do you think that will ever happen? But if a movie is made, who do you think ought to star? Surely, not Reese Witherspoon , right? JCF: I hope not. Hollywood has lost its ability to tell a coherent story for the past two decades or so.