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When they finally got together…it was magic! The epilogue literately filled up my heart. From the moment they finally got together until the end, my heart was swooning. The only downfall for me is that they were enemies for far too long. I live for the thawing portion of the enemies-to-lovers trope. I love seeing their hatred break down and slowly turn into love.

I loved the enemies portion, but part of the fun of enemies-to-lovers is the lovers part. I needed a better balance. Also, I wish we could have seen Taylor having some of the conversations with Ethan about her family. We never got to see Ethan first meet her family or actually see where she came from. Some of this did happen, but it was off-screen. Overall, I enjoyed Coldhearted Boss. Regardless, RS Grey continues to deliver amazing romcoms, and she will forever be a one-click author for me.

The classic RS Grey wit and heart is here. If you want to read about my top favorite RS Grey books, click here. Ratings Goodreads Rating: 4.

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Get More Info: visit R. The author was kind enough to provide me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Alright so to get us all up to speed — you can read my review on the first book in the series here and you can read my review on the second book here. Nairne, as always, packs a punch on the page. Zed is also a powerful character to read. Zed is truly a character who puts his love and his family above all else.

I loved the fresh story line and my stomach dropped at multiple points throughout this book. Exploring the changes in their relationship as they prepare for parenthood. Unveiling a vulnerability in Nairne as she grappled with what motherhood looks like as a parent who has a disability.

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The care and fragility that Chloe Liese used when writing these scenes is beautiful. I dare you to not cry a little. Also, Chloe Liese publishes playlists for her books. They add such dimension to a story, whether you listen while reading or queue up the playlist afterward. Am even more convinced than ever after listening to the playlist that these would make great movie adaptations. You can listen to the playlists here.

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About the Author: Chloe writes stories that, like people, resist categories. Her contemporary romances are hot, witty, full of heart and keep you on the edge of your seat. Peyton and Jackson were soulmates. In love, the two vowed to stay together through it all. They were unbreakable, until an unthinkable tragedy occurs. They both are forced to decide whether they will let the past continue to haunt them, or love each other through all their damage.

There was a lot I enjoyed about Beautifully Damaged. I received it as an ARC from the author, who is so sweet and lovely. I was very excited to read this one as it was highly anticipated in my reader friend group. My favorite thing about Beautifully Damaged was reading about our two main characters, Peyton and Jackson.

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Reading their friendship was amazing and you could truly feel as a reader the strong, emotional bond they had. You could feel the desperation, the angst, the longing, and the heartbreak. This, for me, is the marking of a talented author. I also loved the complex backstories for both our main leads. I love reading about strained, complicated family dynamics, because it mimics reality. I thought the author did a great job of introducing these dynamics without making them cookie cutter.

Which is good, because in real life, relationships are hard and take work. There is no easy fix. I enjoyed how these strained relationships turned into a source of strength and familiarity between our two leads. In terms of romance, it was really very sweet. You can tell that Peyton and Jackson are destined to be together from the very beginning. I myself am still with my childhood sweetheart 10 years later!! As you all may know, I typically am not a fan of 1 flashback scenes and 2 third person POVs.

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This book has both. Sue Grafton?

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Harlan Coban? Many times. Welcome, John and thank you for being here! The Kindle Fire will allow you purchase eBooks from other retailers, but the original Kindle does not. More info about how to use Google eBooks with different types of eReaders can be found on our website. How does the resell work with e-Google? Meaning where do readers go to shop and how do they get it downloaded to their specific e-reader?

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Without the help of the ABA it would be almost impossible for small stores like us to get into the eBook game. Tell us about your idea to Skype during book signings. Our first was with Alan Bradley, the author of the Flavia de Luce mysteries. It was wonderful to welcome him into the store even if it was just through a webcam. We had Preston in the store, and Child was able to join via Skype. Realistically, the profit margin on eBooks is so low that it would be tough for us to sell enough eBooks at a signing to warrant the additional cost of staying open and staffing the store.

Tell us why buying novels either hardcopy or electronically from MBTB and other indie bookstores is more customer-oriented than large brick and mortar chains or online sites? We spend a lot of time getting to know what we have in the store. We really strive to get the right book into the hands of a reader that will love it. We also host a variety of events in the store. The luncheons offer a more intimate feeling than our regular events at the store. We host evening events at the store for a wide range of authors from established bestsellers to debut authors just starting out.

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Permission given to pass the blog interview or information to everyone in your social network. Apr Robert Redford left is always a spectacular way to start a blog, with the also spectacular James Grady on the right. No matter your political opinions, he has the ability to dredge up facts, turn your mind around, and get people motivated. It is that same energy that pervades his books.

How did success impact on you as a young writer? If you had to do it all over again and could choose, would you want success at such an early stage or would it have been better a little later on? Did you understand what an incredible, lotto-winning miracle, that kind of success was at that time? My major fear was that I would blow or betray my luck. After Condor, I worked as a U. Senate aide and a muckraking reporter making far less than my fiction work because I wanted to use my life to do more, learn more.

I lived like a blue jeaned grad student, worked as hard and as fast as I could, 12 hour days. I think success so early let me grow into being the kind of writer who — I hope — has earned it. Sydney Pollack, James Grady, and the late producer, Stanley Schneider in a rare photo, discussing the script on the set of 3 Days of the Condor. What kinds of things drive you nutty when you read them?

What makes spy novels hard to write is that at their heart, they are novels about politics and personal integrity. Many books and films these days have more things that go boom than intelligent thought. Even Mad Dogs , while very smart, is much more action packed — which is also a direct result of the characters. Do you think the quiet novel is a lost art? Readers want great stories, believable characters and novels that say something, mean something, matter. Yes , we want thrills, but we want them to make us feel something more than the drive to turn pages. Who are you reading right now?

Do you find you read more in or out of your genre when selecting fiction? White , Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I could drop 47 other names in that alphabetic row. There are just so many great authors out there, and so little time. Is there really such a place in real life? What other kinds of black sites exist that the public knows little about? I never found it, so I let the notion flower as fiction. There are black sites for SIGINT signals intelligence that targets communications , as well as training sites and way off the books operations not on any federal register.

How do you balance the fine line between being interesting and not divulging something you may know but that might cause problems for the intelligence community? Is there such a line? Do you think Americans should know everything in freedom of the press, or should journalists restrict themselves and under what circumstances? I have a problem with wholesale or frivolous dumping of secrets. There is a line — sometimes fine, sometimes fuzzy, sometimes undeniable — between the rights our Constitution gives writers for freedom of the press and doing damage for no good to our country.

Who does reporting this help? When the FBI is trying to stop the Mafia from heroin smuggling, election rigging and prostituting children while the CIA is using the Mafia to assassinate a foreign leader like Castro happened! We need to know what our public servants are doing for our democracy to work. Can you tell us a little about it and when it will be out?

But the story is actually about our new streets of politics everywhere and how a man and a woman risk everything to fight for their personal as well as political integrity. Sarcasm, suspense, glimpses behind the scenes in D. When I get one, I promise to let you know. Erotic Romance Is your book focused on the fulfillment of physical desire between the protagonists? If so, erotic romance is the genre for you! Science Fiction From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here.

Young Adult Recommended audiences is 6th grade and up. Not the category for New Adult. This book is Free on October 4, Kindle. Share this: Facebook Reddit Twitter Google. Kindle kindle-unlimited Young Adult. Genre Guide.