Nosh New York: The Food Lovers Guide to New York Citys Most Delicious Neighborhoods

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View: Grid List. This illustrated survey examines the historical context in which Coney Island made its reputation as an amusement park and shows how America's changing social and economic conditions formed the basis of a new mass culture. Professor Kassan shows Coney Island no longer as the object of nostalgia but as a harbinger of modernity - and the many photographs, lithographs, ewngravings, and other reproductions with which he amplifies his text support this lively thesis.

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Index; Illustration Credits. Presenting a prescription for racial harmony in New York, the author argues that a civic culture of unique ethnic and political history could defuse race problems. Lists the sites of mob shootings, celebrity busts, riots, and other crimes and disasters in New York City and briefly describes each incident. After snaking with Toth over fences, into manholes, down rusty stairs, across planks and catwalks, and through fissures in cement walls, we enter a world described as 'a city beneath the streets,' a world of faces, stories, and subterranean landscape that haunt and even torment, for these are stories that belong to the people who are nobody's friends.

Bibliography, index. Thirty years ago Piri Thomas made literary history with this lacerating, lyrical memoir of his coming of age on the streets of Spanish Harlem. Here was the testament of a born outsider: a Puerto Rican in English-speaking America; a dark-skinned morenito in a family that refused to acknowledge its African blood. Here was an unsparing document of Thomas's plunge into the deadly consolations of drugs, street fighting, and armed robbery--a descent that ended when the twenty-two-year-old Piri was sent to prison for shooting a cop.

As he recounts the journey that took him from adolescence in El Barrio to a lock-up in Sing Sing to the freedom that comes of self-acceptance, faith, and inner confidence, Piri Thomas gives us a book that is as exultant as it is harrowing and whose every page bears the irrepressible rhythm of its author's voice. Thirty years after its first appearance, this classic of manhood, marginalization, survival, and transcendence is available in an anniversary edition with a new Introduction by the author. Organized by neighborhood, the tours cover almost every part of Manhattan, each designed to take nomore than two hours to complete.

Photos, street map and directions. Key sites for over movies. Written in a New York City hotel room during the sweltering summer of , this keen, perceptive, funny, and nostalgic essay casts a 'startling vivid picture of a particular time. Chronicles the up-and-down life of the celebrated writer and prototypical Greenwich Village bohemian. The author describes growing up in a family marked by her parents' troubled marriage, its impact on her and her brother, and life on New York's Park Avenue during the s and s. An inspired and moving portrait of people on the extreme margins of urban society, persevering to make 'an honest living' and turn their lives around.

Mitchell Duneier spent much of five years working with 'people on the street', at their vending tables, listening to their stories, and watching their interactions with passersby and police. This book takes readers into the hearts and minds of people on the street, showing their common human values, as well as the reality of how life is in lopsided, contemporary urban America.

Winner of the C. Wright Mills Award. The histories of the city's major neighborhoods, as well as the history of their names divide the book into sections, the remainder of which contains the names of streets, parks, plazas, corners, alleys, and avenues in that neighborhood and the history of each name. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. Edgar Hoover gathered to see, to be seen, and to celebrate. Bibliography, Index. When college student Jeff Converse is wrongly accused of a violent crime, he becomes trapped in the dark and evil underworld of Manhattan where deranged predators hunt for prey in a deadly game.

A stunning mosaic of New York City's many incarnations in poetry - ranging from Walt Whitman's exuberant celebrations to Lawrence Joseph's lamentable life 'In the Age of Postcapitalism' to responses to the September 11, attack on the World Trade Towers. The selection encompasses as many moods, characters, and scenes as this multifaceted, ever-changing mega-metropolis has to offer. Within days after September 11, , the author had secured unrestricted, round-the-clock access to the World Trade Center site. The book is a tour of this intense, ephemeral world and the story of those who improvised the recovery effort day by day, and in the process, reinvented themselves, discovering unknown strengths and weaknesses.

Two maps. Organized by borough, this delectant's guide details seventeen neighborhood tours as well as twenty-three side trips that uncover delicious little-known markets, bakeries, and eateries spanning African, Caribbean, East Asisan, Italian and other cuisines from around the world. If you love to eat A portrait of Gotham as the 'riotous and anarchic breeding ground of modernity. Art and culture critic Barnet recounts the exploits of the free-spirited bohemian women of New York City during the period Coverage includes for example salon hostess Louise Arensberg, modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan, birth control advocate Margaret Sanger, and blues singer Bessie Smith.

With the advantages of its famous harbor and the opening of the Erie Canal in , New York became the chief commercial center for the growing nation. As the shipping industry prospered, capital accumulated, and a growing banking center emerged. New York went on to finance the Union cause during the Civil War, open the West to development, and consolidate the national railroad system.

Combining political and urban history with a colorful cast of characters, this intriguing study chronicles how Gotham's Gilded Age reshaped the metropolis and the nation as it molded our present-day economy. Notes, index. The reporters o f the "F. On March 25, , as workers were getting ready to leave for the day, a treacherous fire broke out in the Triangle's shirtwaist factory in Greenwich Village.

Within minutes it spread to consume the building's upper three floors. This book is both a chronicle of the fire and a vibrant portrait of an entire age, following the waves of Jewish and Italian immigration that inundated New York City in the early years of the 20th century. Thoroughly revised and updated, a new edition of the popular handbook features thirty-three tours of public art, from the Cloisters and Harlem, to Central Park and the midtown museums, to the southern tip at Battery Park City, as well as the outer boroughs, including such sites as Snug Harbor, the Socrates Sculpture Park, Noguchi Museum, Wave Hill, and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Establishing a point of view that shifts seamlessly from person to person, Whitehead distills the anxieties of first time arrivals and captures the ordeals of the veteran citydwellers - from Broadway to Coney Island.

Interview with Myra Alperson of Noshwalks Food Tours in New York City

An updated guide for movie-loving travelers describes points of interest in the New York area, including historic studios, celebrity homes, famous movie theaters, revival houses, movie-star burial sites, memorabilia shops, acting schools, and museums. The author dispenses rat facts and rat stories, looking into the history of rats, and describes how, with the aid of a notebook and night-vision gear, he sat nightly in a garbage-filled alley getting to know the wild city rat.

Far more than an addendum to familiar American history, this book provides a whole new picture - a thrown-open window onto the intra-European struggles for dominance in the New World. Relying heavily on Dutch records, the book produces a history of the extent to which the primordial colonial wilderness island was fought over by the Dutch and English as a prize to be had among the global powers. Here is Manhattan stripped of asphalt and the wolves' prints fresh on the page. Essayist Phillip Lopate's vivid and personal exploration of New York City's neglected shoreline - east side, west side, from the Little Red Lighthouse to Battery Park City - the Manhattan waterfront offers both historical riches and present-day wonders.

The Brooklyn-born lifelong New York City journalist brings modern-day New York to life by illuminating its kaleidoscopic past. Peel back the facade of old buildings and new fashions, and you find the mercantile heart of New York City. Seductive, and never dull. With a Suggested Reading section. An intriguing sojourn through the streets and neighborhoods of Brooklyn examines more than five hundred of the metropolis's most prominent place names, organized alphabetically by region, to uncover the real-life stories, history, and prominent citizens behind each.

Filled with juicy, startling and entertaining stories.

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Newly revised and updated, this book features thirty lively stories written for history buffs of all ages. From the purchase of Manhattan for just under twenty-four dollars to the falling of Niagara Falls readers will learn about the colorful, sometimes wacky, history of New York. They became the most notorious gang to rise out of the inferno of Hell's Kitchen, a decaying tenderloin slice of New York City's West Side.

Excelling in extortion, numbers running, loansharking, and drug peddling, the Westies' specialty - upping the ante on depravity - was dismemberment. Their reign lasted almost twenty years - until their own violent natures got the best of them, precipitating a downfall that would become as infamous as their rise.

This update provides 'where they are now' snapshots of the men and women in the Westies. This is THE classic, bestselling account of the grisley enterprise partnered by the sadistic thugs James Coonan and Mickey Featherstone. A portrait of one of America's most controversial politicians describes the rise to power of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, his election to the New York statehouse, and his ardent exposure of wrongdoing on the part of stock analysts, mutual fund managers, insurance brokers, and corporations in order to protect ordinary consumers and middle-class Americans.

With a historian's eye for scope, Andrew Burstein returns Washington Irving - author, ambassador, Manhattanite, and international celebrity - to the context of his native 19th century - both as a colorful comic genius and the first name in America's national literature. The city's first guide to focus on one hundred unique, off-the-beaten-path destinations. All of them are notable for the passions with which their proprietors and curators care for them, and all of them can be visited via the subway system as Suzanne Reisman directs you to which of the city's subway stations will get you closest!

Organized geographically, this guide offers venues in all five boroughs. Indexx by Category. Long considered the definitive account of unruly New York, The Gangs of New York is the classic whirlwind tour through a violent city long since lost, the basis for two movies of the same title, including Martin Scorcese's Oscar-nominated remake. It's a story that never grows old. Gangster Slang Glossary; Bibliography; Index. A former advertising executive relates how, after losing his job and developing a brain tumor, he took a job at Starbucks and learned the value of respect through his boss, a young African-American manager of positive character.

This narrative history of New York City is the first to offer practical walking tour know-how. Fast-paced but thorough, its bite-size chapters each focus on an event, person, or place of historical significance. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Whether you're a lifelong New Yorker or you're visiting for the first time, when you're in the Big Apple you're in food heaven - a nosher's paradise where you can find the freshest and most authentic foods of any cuisine in the world, from steaming soup dumplings to Persian Kebabs, Moroccan tagines, Chinese bubble tea, Senegalese ginger beer, Colombian cholados, kosher foc Whether you're a lifelong New Yorker or you're visiting for the first time, when you're in the Big Apple you're in food heaven - a nosher's paradise where you can find the freshest and most authentic foods of any cuisine in the world, from steaming soup dumplings to Persian Kebabs, Moroccan tagines, Chinese bubble tea, Senegalese ginger beer, Colombian cholados, kosher focaccia bread, the freshest Italian cheeses, Guyanese roti and more!

In this thorough and user-friendly book, passionate New York food guide Myra Alperson takes readers on her popular tours around town. Organized by borough and divided into easy-to-follow walks -- each of which can be done in an afternoon -- she points readers to the best ethnic restaurants, cafes, bakeries, tea houses, take-out stores, specialty shops, produce stands, supermarkets, and other food hot spots.

Complete with subway, bus, and car directions along with detailed maps of each neighborhood covered, Nosh New York turns an afternoon in the city into a delicious food adventure. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published September 20th by St.

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Martin's Griffin. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Nosh New York , please sign up. The tortillas and the food is all delicious and if you are so inclined you can buy masa for your own tortilla and tamale making needs! Card minimum, bring cash. The interactive nature of Hot Pot coupled with cheap for NYC pitchers of beer makes for a great and delicious evening out with friends.

They also can throw you a traditional Chinese New Year dinner during the holiday if you book space in advance. They are a specialty of Shanghai and the ones here are top notch. The Scallion Pancakes here are also awesome; Cash Only. The food is delicious and complex and they have a great cocktail menu as well! The food is high quality and delicious dim sum dishes at reasonable prices with the star being their unique pork bun which differs from the traditional Char Siu Bao as it is baked and has a deliciously crispy coating.

The Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger is a stand out though literally everything here is delicious.

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Bassanova Ramen 76 Mott Street, Manhattan American off shoot of a Japanese Ramen restaurant with interesting ramen flavor combos that are all delicious. The ramen here never dissapoints. To avoid a wait go early or late, or accept your wait and get a drink down the street. Everything is executed perfectly and you are almost guaranteed a wait but its worth it for the delicious noodles. Yakuniku West E 9th Street, Manhattan Yakuniku is Japanese barbecue where you cook it at your own table and it is amazing.

This restaurant not only has great meat but a cool atmosphere. It follows the traditional Japanese custom where you remove your shoes before entering the main restaurant area and you sit at tables that are low down but with room for your legs like in a traditional restaurant.

S'MAC, New York City

It is great for groups if you reserve a table in advance! Okonomi Ainslie Street, Brooklyn If you have never had a traditional Japanese breakfast you are missing out. Okonomi is a small restaurant that specializes in Japanese breakfasts, the food is always amazing and there is generally a wait. In the evening the restaurant is home of Yuji Ramen which I have never tried but has to be good. Kenka 25 St Marks Place, Manhattan This restaurant serves a pretty large and traditional menu of Japanese Izakaya and bar foods in an energetic atmosphere.

It feels like you are in an eccentric Japanese place and it is great. It is a bit lighter in flavor than the Chinese version but still delicious and this spot does it right. Many places do not do it right which makes it a very sad dish, at Raku they specialize in Udon and it is amazing. The restaurant is small which means you are likely to wait but there are plenty of places to kill time at in the area and your wait will be rewarded. You pick your soup and buy your meat and the rest of the veggies, fish cakes, noodles, sauces, etc. You are guaranteed to leave stuffed. The food is classic and always delicious.

My friends all agree. The meats are perfectly marinaded and all the sides are delicious. That will probably change once I make it to Vietnam but this bowl I am sure will stand solid.

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The location can be quite the trek but is always worth it in my opinion. The food and the atmosphere are both great and well worth a visit for the unique and quality dishes. If you are familiar with the Vietnamese Bahn Mi these. The food is delicious and is of a high quality. If you are exploring the Brooklyn waterfront it is a great place to stop for food!

16 Foods You Have To Eat In New York

Full of flavor and texture the food here is worth a trip if you are in the area. The food is Moroccan inspired and always good. Oasis 2 Locations, both in Brooklyn If you need a quick lunch or late night nosh and are craving falafel Oasis is your answer in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The falafel is always fresh and delicious and the service quick.

The atmosphere feels like you are in a cool spot in Ethiopia and the cultural traditions are embraced here.