PK:The tragedy and triumph of growing up as a pastors kid

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Better yet, let several such entities pursue the goal together. Years ago, I heard about a traditional teacher who found herself in a progressive school where the principal said she could no longer teach the alphabet to kindergartners. Only when she protested—and in fact put her job on the line with her insistence—did the principal give in a bit. Loved and encourag d on his own. Worldview Academy. No more renting. Call Thousands of desperate Iraqis fled the besieged city of Ramadi as Islamic State militants captured the strategic capital of Anbar Province.

During a Pentagon news conference, U. Some U. Ramadi matters to us. On the morning after the vote, Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, spoke to children awaiting confirmation in the church. Biker brawl In one of the worst eruptions of biker-gang violence in recent history, nine persons died and 18 were hospitalized after a massive brawl at a restaurant in Waco, Texas. Police arrested persons after an altercation morphed into bikers from different gangs shooting, stabbing, and beating each other.

The U. Benghazi revelations Newly released documents show the Obama administration knew in that weapons were flowing out of Benghazi to Syrian rebels with well-publicized ties to al-Qaeda and other extremist groups. The Washington, D. Administration officials and congressional Democrats had claimed no evidence existed of arms flowing from Libya to Syria. Administration officials initially claimed the attack stemmed from spontaneous rioting over an offensive video. A House committee investigating the Benghazi attack plans to call Clinton away from her presidential campaign to testify in coming months.

Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. Deluge in Texas Severe flooding swept away at least homes outside Austin, Texas, and damaged hundreds more in Oklahoma over Memorial Day weekend. At least seven persons died and some 2, persons fled their homes in both states, as recordbreaking rains pummeled the region. Oklahoma City broke its all-time record for rain in any single month, and the Blanco River in Texas surged to 40 feet.

On the banks of the Blanco River near Wimberley, Texas. An estimated 21, gallons of oil flowed into the Pacific Ocean. Set adrift Human traffickers abandoned at sea thousands of refugees fleeing poverty in Bangladesh and persecution in Myanmar. Some of the migrants told rescuers they had been at sea for weeks, left behind by smugglers they paid to ferry them to Indonesia. Officials said hundreds more boats could still be adrift.

Rohingya Muslims have faced persecution in Myanmar formerly Burma for years, and thousands flee harsh conditions each year. A local fisherman told CNN he had seen one of the packed boats now missing. Department of Agriculture announced stinging figures for beekeepers fighting to keep colonies alive: More than 40 percent of U. Marines died in a helicopter crash while delivering aid to remote earthquake victims in Nepal. Two Nepali soldiers also died. The pastors could face the death penalty.

Comprehensive course offerings include fine arts, industrial arts, agri-science, world language and college credit options. Sunshine Bible Academy is a non-denominational evangelical school with committed, highly qualified faculty and staff. Some 5, uniformed actors will re-enact the decisive Battle of Waterloo in Belgium for an estimated , spectators on its th anniversary. France has not arranged to send dignitaries to the event. The plan would have issued temporary work permits to several million illegal immigrants— particularly parents of U. In a decision, the 5th Circuit agreed. Supreme Court review, but that strategy is a long shot.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has long been a wonderful place to teach the Bible and theology. Taken as a whole, my colleagues are simultaneously top-notch scholars and local church Christians with an infectious passion for the gospel. They model the reverence for Scripture that they seek to inculcate in their students. And this generation of students is serious, highly motivated, eager to learn and eager to serve, wanting to be mentored. This is a great time to teach and study at TEDS. They minister as much through research and writing as through local church involvement, but their primary ministry is teaching and caring for our students.

Hill, who has led the student ministry since , oversaw a 10 percent increase in membership. Duggar released a statement admitting to misconduct when he was A police report alleges he fondled five minor girls in and Parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar disciplined him, sent him to live and work with a family friend, but did not formally contact the police. The police investigation occurred after a media leak, and the statute of limitations had expired. John Templeton Foundation, died May He was Reynolds Sr. Using wingsuits from 7,foot Taft Point, Potter, 43, and Graham Hunt, 29, misjudged their pathway between cliffs.

BASE jumping, where people jump from cliffs or structures, is illegal in national parks. But the activist of sorts often skirted the rules and gained tens of thousands of worldwide fans. This was her third year at the state championships. Determined to finally reach the podium, she cleared 11 feet 6 inches. Her guide dog, Vador, joined her on the podium. The mock trial in London July 31 will commemorate the document, which laid the foundation for modern constitutional government.

Two high court. The amount in speaking fees Bill and Hillary Clinton have received since , according to a May financial disclosure report to the Federal Election Commission. Commonwealth judges and the U. The prosecution and defense will debate whether barons and bishops committed treason in the way they refused to surrender to John and forced him to sign the Magna Carta, though the pope annulled it. Both Qin and her husband have daughters with previous spouses, and the province where she teaches orders remarried couples with two children to abort.

An international outcry led provincial officials to reverse the abortion order on May Olivia Ruth had been hospitalized since her February birth, and Orozco had postponed her maternity leave.

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Orozco was part of a task force May 20 searching for Marcus Wheeler, 26, when he opened fire. JUNE 13, His final Late Show aired on May Lewis is a student at Boyce College. A pet python with a taste for metal got himself into trouble when he swallowed a pair of barbecue tongs. At first, attending surgeon Oliver Funnell assumed Winston had simply swallowed a pair of tweezers.

An occupational hazard of being a middle-of-the-night burglar: sleepiness. Police in Sarasota, Fla. Bontrager was discovered around a. Police later captured the man walking along a nearby road. For the rest of his political career, Canadian legislator Alan McIsaac can tout the importance of every vote. Voting in the May 4 election revealed a McIsaac victory by two votes out of more than 2, cast. A British cat owner who has long said her cat has the loudest purr in the world now has the papers to prove it. Tracy Westwood of Torquay, Devon, allowed her year-old cat Merlin to have his purr tested by a decibel meter during the taping of a recent British animal television show.

The reading of It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Pastor, not friend

In , Broward County, Fla. Ultimately corals never grew on the bundles of tires, and over time the bundles became loose, causing damage to nearby natural reefs. Now Florida officials regard the underwater tire pile as an environmental calamity, and divers paid by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will partially remove the pile. Solving an Oklahoma break-in was as simple as following a trail of grease spills.

When the sun rose, Matthew Kennedy, another neighbor, helped police solve the case when he spotted a grease trail from the burglarized home to the door of a neighboring property. The de Blasio program expands the number of city ratcatchers from nine to 50, including three rat biologists. According to the city, the pilot program successfully reduced the number of reported rat sightings by 80 percent in targeted neighborhoods.

Bremerton, Wash. On May 20, Runyon filed paperwork to seek reelection. The married couple will be joined by third-wheel candidate Richard Huddy, who is also seeking the District 6 spot on the council. Runyon told the Kitsap Sun he was surprised his wife chose to challenge him, but he defended her decision.

She might have a different approach. Adam Swift and Harry Brighouse, for instance, have been burning up neurons trying to determine how happy families contribute to social inequality and what should be done about it. Does that mean there should be no rules to ensure fairness? Obviously not, or no one would get upset about a squishy football used in a Super Bowl game.

We need rules, but the rules are for the game. A sports league sets rules for play, not practice. Life is the game; growing up is practice. His goal is— or should be—winning fairly, not fairness itself. If fairness is the ultimate goal, the straightest path is not offering opportunities but curtailing privilege; not elevating but leveling. Remove any of those things and we would not be able to do what God has called us to do today. Louis has the lowest cost of living of the top 20 U. Are you called to help others?

RTS has a Counseling Program to fit your calling and open doors to your future. Under the authority of Scripture and with the foundation of a biblical world view, our students learn to see the people they help both as individuals living before the face of God and as active members of family relationships. For more information go to Jackson- www. A mind for truth. A heart for God. A wannabe astronaut, teenage Casey a charming Britt Robertson has had it with the depressing.

Unfortunately, it seems that with the exception of Athena, the best and brightest are content to leave Earth to its Britt Robertson as Casey Newton in Tomorrowland. Unless Athena and Casey can convince curmudgeonly Tomorrowland exile, Frank Walker George Clooney , to team up with them to save it, Tomorrowland will soon be the only world left. Parents are likely to be annoyed by constant mild profanity and scary cyborg decapitations.

Wars, famine, pollution, poverty, greed will always be with us because sin will always be with us. Our nature is evil; our only hope for good is to cast ourselves on the mercy of the only One who is good. Frankly, perhaps part of the reason doom and gloom consistently reasserts itself in our storytelling is because, on some subconscious level,. Like any ideology that leaves God out of the equation, humanistic optimism is ultimately limited. We cannot cure the world through the. Well, she does have one apparent blemish: Her youngest daughter Lydia Kristen Stewart ditched college to become an actress in Los Angeles.

Alice prides herself not just on her intellect, but her expertise in. Her journey through those realizations is emotionally complex and wrecking. Moore wrings out every measure of fear, pain, and despair with a certain dignity. The movie poses a riddle: You have two wolves, one representing darkness and despair, the other light and hope. Which one lives? Compared to the acclaimed movie, which made Keller an American household name, this weepy account unrated, in French with English subtitles of a girl born deaf and blind at the turn of the 20th century is as inspiring as it is ultimately underwhelming.

Based on a true story, little Marie Ariana Rivoire so exasperates her rural parents they surrender her to the Larnay Institute, a school for deaf girls run by nuns. Marie arrives a feral creature, shrieking, belligerent, and resistant to every attempt to tame her wild hair or shape her into anything worthwhile. Marguerite struggles to wrestle Marie out of her rags, and nearly comes to blows cleaning, feeding and disciplining the brutish teen. Cue the tears. San Andreas R The world is ending, again, but this time The Rock is so well established as the man who can save it, San Andreas spends more time coasting on his reputation than establishing peril.

San Andreas is a paint-by-numbers end-ofthe-world movie. It is, however, a reliable one. Audiences expecting an entertaining ride will get exactly what they paid for, with Johnson as tour guide. It seems obvious that director Brad Peyton, who has worked with Johnson multiple times, knows how to tap into the appeal of his star.

Of course, the predictability diminishes the intensity. It seems the screenplay, by Carlton Cuse, takes for granted that audiences are not so much scared by natural disasters anymore as willing to accept them as a backdrop for 3-D heroics and brisk emotional resolution. But this is a fairly clean movie, despite its disaster theme and multiple, nongraphic deaths, earning its PG rating from one F-word.

When in doubt see rule 1. Apple also provides practical tips for hospital visitation; interacting with those who are blind or deaf or elderly; and helping those. Rejoicing in Lament by J. He sees a role for lamenting and proposes humility as we attempt to discern the mystery of divine providence. Skies of Parchment, Seas of Ink , edited by Marc Epstein Princeton, is a beautiful book that shows Jewish illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages to today and explains their interaction with Christian works.

Fictional worlds without Christ are depressing. Gracious, though, does not mean the faux compassion of getting rid of dollars so as to get rid of importuners. Do not give money. There she will spend the rest of her life with a Rule guiding her spiritual practice, two maids tending her needs, and a Confessor listening to her sins. As she struggles to put to death physical desire, we learn why she took vows.

On his way to Oxford to buy it, he stumbles upon the corpse of a novice from a local abbey. The abbot asks him to discover the murderer. Although the plot meanders, Starr imaginatively constructs the methods a medieval crime solver might have used. Ten years later, cops discover her in England when they raid a brothel. Haynes shows good guys having trouble figuring out love and bad guys who use that vulnerability to prey on the weak. Haynes comes close in this novel that should be R-rated for language and subject matter. When his fingerprints show up at a new murder scene, DI Alex Morrow has to figure out how they got there.

She suspects a plot to undermine the arms case, but her investigation into the original murder conviction, which also relied on fingerprints, uncovers evidence of corruption. One plot thread involves a young woman trying to escape her traff icked past. The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson features yearold Kitty Miller, a single career woman who coowns a bookstore with her best friend in Denver. The Precious One by Marisa de los Santos features half sisters who have very diff erent relations with a brilliant father.

Started in , the three-year program leads to a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The initial graduating class had a percent first-time board exam pass rate. Students are taught patient-centered care that ensures optimal physical therapy outcomes delivered through the highest standards of Christian service. Albert Mohler is president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the host of The Briefing a brilliant daily podcast , and the author of a half-dozen apologetic books. What was it like growing up in Lakeland, Fla. I grew up. I went to a wonderful, happy church. I never went to anything but a public school from the first grade to the 12th grade, and in those early years that public school was an extension of home and an extension of church.

How privileged I was to have known that world, because it no longer exists. You were a free-range child? My parents knew it was completely safe to let me loose on the world as a or or year-old. That changed when I was a teenager when we moved from Lakeland to Fort Lauderdale, wrenched out of a world that looked like a picture postcard of safety and thrown into a very different world. Suddenly I had an eighthgrade history teacher who declared himself to be an atheist. I did not have good answers. That panicked me. What were those places and those relationships? I ended up talking to a freshly minted graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary.

He was ready for a year-old to show up panicked, and he introduced me to his senior pastor who became a life-long friend, Jim Kennedy, at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Through Dr. Kennedy came the great influence of Francis Schaeffer in my life. Did you go to that Presbyterian church? No, I was and am a Baptist. You become president of the flagship seminary of Southern Baptists at age Were you amazed by that?

When the conservatives did get control, they wanted to make it count. When they asked me in the search process what I would do, I told them what I would do. They evidently wanted that done. You told them you would change the faculty? I said you cannot bring reformation and leave everything in place. You need a clear understanding of the confessional identity of the school and you have to make it stick.

Institutions drift left. That is the Genesis 3 reality. If a confession states the truth of what we expect, every professor signs to teach in accordance with it. So you purged the theological liberals. Do you accept that verb? Nearly the entire faculty of one of the largest theological institutions on the planet was replaced within a four- to five-year period.

You replaced them. I replaced them. I own that as. It took guts to do what you did. Even with the trustees backing you, you knew you would be called a merciless dictator. Yeah, the verdict is already out. A video of this interview in its entirety can be found at wng. I could not have done this without my wife, Mary, who was as committed to this as was I. She was with me all the way, so I was not alone. But it is true that we were alone. How do you view the wider culture war now? A lot of people have backed off of it. The problem is the issues are still there and, if anything, the issues are more stark.

If it is over, it is because the secular left is in control of even more of the culture. What have we learned from losses? Some of the things that were done in the name of the culture war are things that we should repent of. Some of the tactical approach undertaken by cultural conservatives and Christians in this country is going to change. But in terms of standing for what we believe to be true—not just because we believe it to be true but because as Christians we believe that is what leads to human flourishing—we have no option to back off of those.

Did they have tenure? They did. Will is the problem. The tenure policy at Southern said that persons could be removed for teaching what was not in accordance with the confession of faith. That required a heresy trial, due process, all kinds of documentation, and an adversarial hearing, like a court proceeding. It turned out that not one of the faculty members was willing to endure that.

But the blues paid even better. Fans who listened closely noticed he never sang and played his guitar simultaneously, preferring instead a call-and-response effect that would become his trademark. Success followed upon success, and by he was recording for ABC-Paramount. Born into poverty on a Mississippi plantation shortly before the Great Depression, King came by his work ethic early. His voice deepened and roughened. Commercially speaking, he struggled during the ensuing decades as pop tastes shifted. Yet his recordings and approximately annual live performances often cited as the reason his two marriages failed remained reasonably consistent.

Occasionally, they were as inspired as anything that he had ever done. No matter how much significance critics claim to find in these hip-hop soundscapes and messages, Lamar is a tonguetied lout. Repeated ad nauseam, such interjections suggest a stultifying lack of imagination or intelligence or both. Do the stunted have a right to free speech? Of course. Do the math. Sequenced together, they sound like a long-overdue Like a Prayer sequel: catchy, thought-provoking, selfaware.

The real revelation, though, is the s hits disc. Even where politics is concerned? Our news feeds are full with what ISIS has done. But the reason for the heartbreak— and hopelessness—is not knowing what we who abhor what ISIS is doing should be doing in return. In April the State Department made clear it would not accept Iraqi Christians as a special category for asylum. An adequate military response with enough forces on the ground to defeat an al-Qaeda-led insurgency never happened under President George W.

Next question: How can the rest of us help the walking wounded? Three snapshots, and look for more details on our website. What they saw and the.

Why it Pays to Be Hungry - Les Brown - Goalcast

They have now helped them rent apartment units for six months. Plus, the church-to-church contact opens doors for future work and relationship building. Kim and Kirk Milhoan are physicians who run For Hearts and Souls, a medical outreach nonprofit working in Iraq and elsewhere for more than a decade. Nashville-based Servant Group International has been working in Iraq since the time of Saddam Hussein, doing one of the hard things I think is most important if Iraq is to have a future: education.

The group has helped to launch primary and secondary schools across Kurdish northern Iraq staffed by Christians who are teaching Muslims. When I was there in March, staff members opened a school for Yazidis—a first. Yazidis are a syncretistic group largely erased from their homeland by ISIS, and largely overlooked by aid groups. In March the new school had students. Today it has more than 1, In other words, the locals trust them. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.

In the arguments,. When he arrived at work recently, he read it off: c 3 status, tax benefits, government licensing, accreditation, and government contracts or grants, among others. The extent of the threat to Christian churches, schools, and nonprofits will turn on how the Supreme Court rules on the marriage cases at the end of June. Even if the court does legalize gay marriage nationwide, as many expect, it could rule in different ways that would be more or less threatening to religious groups.

And in the months after the ruling, much will turn on how aggressive federal and state governments decide to be toward nonprofits and churches. First, the court could say that gay marriage is a fundamental constitutional right. Both of those approaches would have serious implications for Christian organizations. However the court rules on the 14th Amendment, the worst outcome for religious organizations would be if the justices decide that sexual orientation is a new protected class. But the court could do so. Chief Justice John Roberts suggested that the court could resolve the issue by concluding state marriage laws counted as sex discrimination, rather than discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.


And the difference is based upon their different sex. Courts are more familiar with that. Sex does not trump religious liberty. Dicta are not binding, but lower courts take them seriously. If the court issues a bad ruling, most action against religious institutions would come from governments, not necessarily gay groups. Would the same principle apply to a college that opposes same-sex marriage?

It is going to be an issue. Federal, state, and local governments will approach, and have already approached, these conflicts with different levels of aggression. The District of Columbia, for one, has generally ignored the concerns of religious groups since it legalized gay marriage in The gay marriage law included no religious exemptions besides allowing groups not to perform or host gay weddings. The D. Then this past fall, the D. Council took up a proposal to repeal the exemption for religious colleges from its nondiscrimination statute.

Georgetown University initially won the exemption, known as the Armstrong Amendment, back in , but has since dropped support for it. The measure exempted religious colleges from providing funds, space, benefits, or any endorsements of gay groups or individuals. At the end of September , a D.

Dear President Kagame of Rwanda,

Council committee held a hearing on repealing the measure. He chose his words carefully. California has also been aggressive, with the Boy Scouts of America bearing the brunt of the conflict. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Rob Litzinger. Publisher: Robert Litzinger , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Is being a pastor's kid an asset or a liability in someone's life?

Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Pk Litzinger, Rob. Published by Robert Litzinger Seller Rating:. Published by Robert Litzinger, United States New Paperback Quantity Available: Seller Image. New Paperback or Softback Quantity Available: Also available via Kindle , and at wstbooks. Recently I visited another church to preach for two Sunday services. Between the two services, my family and I were invited to attend Sunday School.

Space will not permit me to tell stories of the cruel treatment of PKs by jealous children, including ridicule, ostracism, and intentional targeting for enticement to the worse vices in ugly hunter-vs. Yes, this sounds like whining compared to trials of other parents — some as single parents — who have fiercely rebellious children with mental challenges, police records, or substance abuse issues. Cook, I would encourage, highly, the God-fearing layperson and church officer to read this book with his or her church-member spouse.

Do this, too, so that the Gospel will be ordained with glory and joy as the negative connotations associated with PKs — connotations created by the aforementioned experiences and many more — are recognized and minimized. I bet this will abound to the joy of many. Thank you, Barnabas, for all you experienced as a child of John and Noel so that millions could increase in their passion for the supremacy of God. Thank you for sharing from this experience so that the Lord can be glorified in his church and many PKs will be free in his grace.

Crossway graciously invited me to review the book in pre-pub. My endorsement of the book appears below:. We will see the need to save our selves from a very dark and destructive force working against pastors: undiagnosed pastoral self-righteousness. Years in the making-the definitive biography of the legendary black activist. Of the great figure in twentieth-century American history perhaps none is more complex and controversial than Malcolm X. Through his tireless work and countless speeches he empowered hundreds of thousands of black Americans to create better lives and stronger communities while establishing the template for the self-actualized, independent African American man.

In death he became a broad symbol of both resistance and reconciliation for millions around the world. Malcolm X will stand as the definitive work on one of the most singular forces for social change, capturing with revelatory clarity a man who constantly strove, in the great American tradition, to remake himself anew. More Reviews and Recommendations.

Manning Marable was M. The three items questioned were 1 relationships —could you date the best friend, ex-, or remain best friends with a member of the opposite gender once married, 2 gender distinctions , as portrayed in the life of the man mixed up on his gender identification, and 3 the medical use of marijuana. The episode did not chuck the old values without counter-challenge.

Full text of "PK - Helping Pastors' Kids Through Their Identity Crisis"

Neither did they give a pass to the wrongful ways of bringing about changes on values in society. However, all three landed far short of anything that was intellectually sound or fearful of the Creator. However, the depraved heart will find away to scoff at the need for more striving for racial equality in America. Yet I will not lay the blame at the feet of non-African Americans.

We all have much work to do. Race and abortion are a particular problem for the African American community. African American children are aborted at a rate far greater than that of any other ethnic group in this country. This is not something at which anyone can throw the race card. But in the same way that voting African Americans arose en masse to place an African American in the Oval Office, I would suggest that African American believers must arise en masse to fight for the end of abortion-on-demand in America.

That should make us the most pro-life ethnic group in the country. However, we do not allow our beliefs to inform our decisions when it comes to the things that affect the overturning of Roe v. Wade, or the rescuing of children from the butchers of the abortion industry—people who are dismembering African Americans with a barbaric villainy at an alarming rate with evil greater than anything ever planned by slave owners, lynch mobs, or the KKK.

In saying this, I do not minimize the wickedness of the aforementioned people. In fact, I emphasize it in order to remind African Americans of how our ancestors fought the injustice of such people. However, when it comes to abortion in America, we are not fighting. Instead we are going to the death camps willingly and are watching as apathetic bystanders in the process. If only African American believers would speak up loudly, boldly, consistently, and sacrificially, we could help the entire country change the law on abortion.

I applaud John Piper for standing against both racism and abortion. Below are links to two of his works on race and abortion. It seems wiser to reproduce these links than to attempt to edit the richness of these very long chapters in the book. Class, Culture, and Ethnic Identity in Christ. When is Abortion Racism? We have come to see that God is passionately committed to upholding and displaying his name, His reputation, in the world. We can be drunk with private concerns and indifferent to the great enterprise of world evangelization, but God will simply pass over us and do His great work while we shrivel up in our little land of comfort In order to do missions, you must be satisfied in God alone and not in safety or stuff.

For in order to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel, especially in regions hostile to the Gospel—regions where billions of non-Christians live, many believers armed with the message of the Gospel are going to have to die. That is, regions hostile to Jesus Christ and his ambassadors will not simply lay down in order to welcome Gospel workers in to proclaim the Gospel. Instead, missionaries will have to meet in underground house churches in order to hide from Marxist rulers bent on executing them; others will be beheaded by extremists posing as potential Christ-seekers, and still others will be bludgeoned by guerilla fighters and sex-traffickers who feel the morality of Christians hinders their evil plans and regime hopes.

As these workers are mowed down, others must obediently go and replace them in order for the Gospel to be proclaimed to the very people who threatened and persecuted their predecessors. Some of these workers reside in our very congregations waiting for the challenge to give their lives to the most meaningful thing. I pray regularly for the Lord, if he is pleased, to use my family, especially my children, for the cause of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I have been praying such things for my children since the time each one of them was in vitro. I am very aware of the painful reality that if the Lord is pleased to make the fame of his Name known through my children in foreign lands, I may never lay eyes on any one of them again the day they leave the US shores.

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As painful as that thought may be, I would be more pained to stand before the Lord and know that unwillingness to let my children go for a season meant that many went without hearing of the great and glorious love of God in Christ to the ends that they perished rather than experiencing the joys of eternity. At any church, the pastor is the one joyously privileged to exhort the members to live to see the Gospel proclaimed in all the world. This should not be a hard task, since we are preaching the death and resurrection of Christ, and its implications, every Sunday, and we are praying in accordance with the Gospel of Christ before our people.

The more often we do this in earnest, if the Lord grants grace, the more we should see the Lord raise up people to go. If anything, a constant focus on the pressing and urgent makes missions seem like a waste of time. But if you were on the other end of the wrath of God, knew that someone in a foreign country had the message you needed to escape wrath, but many of those people would not look past the homeless and drug-addicted in their neighborhoods who have access to the wrath-satisfying message all around them, I think you would not think of missions as a waste of time.

You would think of it as the most worthy investment. You would wonder why a few people with the message would not willingly share it with you. I pray for the day that I will see the first career missionary raised up from a congregation I am serving. I am thankful for short-term missionaries. I am grateful for college and youth mission trips.

But my hope is that the Lord would be pleased to use me, my family, and my church to offer his joy to people who have yet to hear his Name. May each of us be satisfied in him alone. I cannot imagine being a pastor in Haiti in the aftermath of the great hurricane, or in NYC after the Towers fell.