Soul Catcher

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This belief forms the point of departure for a meditative reflection on how photography affects our innermost being. In this film, Finnish director P. Lehtinen shifts from one cinematic extreme to another: from total standstill to maximized movement. It starts off with portraits of white sunbathers on the beach taking on well-considered poses to be frozen in time by the camera. And then, as if plunging into a black hole, we pass through to the other side of the lens.

There, we come face to face with threatening-looking aborigines. Has the camera already taken their souls? Back on the beach, the sunbathers face a similar fate, and their souls evaporate with the clouds in fast motion. Or so it seems, at least, because this extended video clip - with metaphysical soundscapes by the veteran ambient group Biosphere - leaves plenty of room for personal interpretation and imagination.

Soul Catcher

And just as in a photograph that never fully captures our essence, mysteries remain. Credits 13 min color 35mm Director. PV Lehtinen. PV Lehtinen for CineParadiso. Matti Helariutta, Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen. Screening copy. Finnish Film Foundation. Related films.


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