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Saturdays in the US during the fall and winter tend to center around college football, along with each team's ridiculous mascot. So your one-day challenge this week is:. You only get one entry -- that's right, just one! So make it your best. Most of the other rules are the same as for a regular challenge, but instead of a whole week I'll announce my favorites some time tomorrow.

Here's how to make an entry:. Click to embiggen. I'll pick one entry as my personal favorite, which will get to be featured in the side bar to the right for ultimate glory! As a bonus you're allowed to say you won the Internet for a few days. Our Trench Doggie! Lost species barely soggy! The Minotaurs. Well I wanted to make this guy have outstanding features like most mascots so here is my take at it. Does it matter? The mascot is for the school, not a specific sport. HeroMachine Character Portrait Creator.

Skip to content. Sponsored Links which Premium Members will never see :. So your one-day challenge this week is: Make a college sports mascot in HeroMachine 3! It can be for a real school or for one you make up Hogwarts, anyone?! Here's how to make an entry: Click to embiggen. Good luck! This entry was posted in Challenges , Pop Quiz. Sculls and eggbeater are two of the basic skills in what aesthetically pleasing sport that became an Olympic medal event in ? Sculls are hand movements used to propel the body and eggbeater is a form of treading water that allows for stability and height above the water while leaving the hands free to perform strokes.

What is the name of the yacht that won the Royal Yacht Squadron's regatta around the Isle of Wight in and lent its name to a famous sports prize? The America's Cup is the oldest active trophy in international sport. In golf, a six under par score has never been, and is unlikely to ever be recorded, as it requires a hole in one on a par-seven hole. What is the 'mythical' term for such a hypothetical performance? Four under par Condor is the lowest individual hole score ever made. Five under par is an Ostrich. The name of what winter sport comes from early racers moving their heads backwards and forwards to make their sliding vehicles go faster?

The bobsled was developed in Switzerland in when a group of vacationers put runners on a toboggan to get greater speed down the famous Cresta Run at St. In athletics, what is the maximum permissible wind speed for a result to be registered as a record? The exceptions are the combined events like heptathlon and decathlon. Here, the total score may be accepted even though some of the results had a tail wind of more than 2.

The maximum limit is 4. When its big neighbor made its debut at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, this country was asked to use a different name. It refused and thus became the only country to boycott the Winter Olympics. What is the country in question? It is worn by Foil and Sabre fencers. It also covers the back.

What puzzle game whose name means 'single number' was popularized by Nikoli in its native country in before gaining international popularity from onwards? For those unfamiliar with American football, linemen are usually the largest players on the field since that position requires less running and more strength than others. Al Davis, the owner of Oakland Raiders once considered hiring which overseas superstars to be the linemen for his team? In , both sides in Nigeria's civil war called a hour cease-fire for an exhibition match of a certain ball game in Lagos.

Who or what was the main attraction? The name of which American sports team has its origin in how the fans avoided getting knocked down by trolleys on their way to the games? Which quotable sportsman got his nickname from a friend who said that he resembled a Hindu holy man whenever he sat around waiting to bat, or while looking sad after a losing game?

The Games took place in a four-year cycle known as the Olympiad, which was one of the ways the Greeks measured time. The Olympic Games were used as a starting point, year one of the cycle; the Nemean and Isthmian Games were both held in different months in year two, followed by the Pythian Games in year three, and then the Nemean and Isthmian Games again in year four.

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The cycle then repeated itself with the Olympic Games. They were structured this way so that individual athletes could participate in all of the games. The 'Stimpmeter', a device that applies a known force to a ball and then measures the distance it travels is used in what sport? A spectator sport popularity study that was called the largest of its kind ranked what sport as the 2nd most popular in the US, just behind NFL? The study also found that three figure skaters - Dorothy Hamill, Peggy Fleming, and Scott Hamilton were among the eight most popular athletes in the United States, out of over athletes surveyed.

In , more than 50 years after his retirement as a Test player, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard called him the "greatest living Australian. Literally meaning 'seven boards of skill', which Chinese puzzle game's objective is to create a shape using seven non-overlapping flat pieces? Since it has played host to the annual Masters Tournament, one of the four major championships in professional golf.

It is currently ranked the number one course in Golf Digest's list of America's greatest courses. From the German for 'compulsion to move', what 'z' term in chess describes a situation where one player is put at a disadvantage because he has to make a move - the player would prefer to pass and make no move? The fact that the player must make a move means that his position will be significantly weaker than the hypothetical one in which it were his opponent's turn to move.

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Which Grand Slam tournament uses the distinctive serving pose of the Swedish player Stefan Edberg on its logo? Which French word that means 'to rescue' is a practice that allows participants to continue to the next round in a competition if they failed to meet qualifying standards only by a small margin? In karate, judo, taekwondo, and wrestling tournaments, single elimination brackets are used to determine the two athletes who will compete in the final match for first and second place.

The repechage bracket is built by selecting all of the athletes who were knocked out by the finalists and building brackets to determine third place. Repechage addresses the possibility of two top competitors meeting in an early round, allowing the loser a chance to compete for a bronze medal. Which legendary muscle-man called his system of exercises as 'Dynamic Tension' when he first popularized them in the s?

Dynamic Tension is a self-resistance exercise method which pits muscle against muscle. The practitioner tenses the muscles of given body part and then moves the body part against the tension as if a heavy weight was being lifted. However, Dynamic Tension exercises are not merely isometrics, since they call for movement. Landy ran his second sub-4 minute mile in the race, but lost to Roger Bannister, who had his best-ever time. On the final turn of the last lap, as Landy looked over his left shoulder, Bannister passed him on the right. A larger-than-life bronze sculpture of the two men at this moment was created by Vancouver sculptor Jack Harman in A legendary center-forward, he is remembered for his goal-scoring feats, first as a player and later as captain.

The dictator Mobuto of Zaire may not be well-known for political reasons but he was instrumental in facilitating what major combat event of the sporting world?

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Mobutu, wanting to expand the image of the nation of Zaire, put up the nation's money to do so. Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic swimming champion during the years of and is credited with popularizing which sport? Growing up on the outskirts of Waikiki near the present site of the Hilton Hawaiian Village , Kahanamoku spent his youth as a bronzed beach boy. It was at Waikiki Beach where he developed his surfing and swimming skills.

By what name is the famous boxing rematch between Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey held on September 22, better known? Because of a controversial delay offered to Tunney when he was down, it became known as The Long Count Fight. Which Italian form of bowling that starts when a ball called 'pallino' is thrown has been played since Roman times? The other two non-humans on the list were also racehorses: Man o' War at 84th and Citation at 97th.

The name of which game can be traced to the winter hoods of French priests which were black on the outside and white on the inside? The name comes from the resemblance of its main artifacts to Venetian Carnival masks that were in turn named as they resembled French priests' winter hoods.

The name ultimately derives from the Latin dominus, meaning 'lord' or 'master. In , the tennis player Shahar Peer was prevented from playing at the Dubai Tennis Championships after she was denied a visa mainly for her nationality. Which country was she representing? A number of players condemned the action to not grant Peer a visa, and WTA chief Larry Scott said that he had considered canceling the tournament, but chose not to after consulting Peer.

Chuck Wepner, an obscure boxer from New Jersey who once went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali in a fight served as the inspiration for the creation of what on-screen personality?

Young actor Sylvester Stallone watched the fight at home on television and was inspired to write the script for Rocky , based on Wepner's gutsy challenge. Wepner would later sue Stallone three times twice unsuccessfully for a share of the profits. Stallone settled for an undisclosed amount in the third suit, having publicly stated that Wepner was his inspiration for the script.

In , while he was a race car builder at Kurtis Kraft a famous builder of Indy race cars during the s , Art Ingels assembled the first one of what? Nicknamed El Chino 'The Chinese' and El zurdo de Vitacura 'The lefty from Vitacura' , Marcelo Rios of Chile is the only player in the open era of men's tennis to hold the number one ranking despite never doing what? Senet is a grid game for two players and is thought to be the oldest board game in the world. In which country did it originate?

The oldest remnants of any ancient board game ever unearthed are those of senet, found in Predynastic and First Dynasty burials of Egypt, circa BC and BC respectively. By the time of the New Kingdom in Egypt BC , it had become a kind of talisman for the journey of the dead. Because of the element of luck in the game and the Egyptian belief in determinism, it was believed that a successful player was under the protection of the major gods of the national pantheon: Ra, Thoth, and sometimes Osiris.

Consequently, Senet boards were often placed in the grave. Ranging from one gold in , and to fifty-six golds in However there is controversy regarding the medal won by Irishman Tom Kiely in What game whose objective is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them is like a combination of bowling, horseshoes and chess and enjoys popularity in Sweden? Rules vary from country to country and from region to region, but the ultimate object of the game is to knock the "King" over, before your opponent does.

This, combined with the fact that there is a surprising level of strategy that can be used by players, has led some players and kubb fans to nickname the game "Viking Chess. Which South Pacific island belonging to Vanuatu is known for being the spiritual birthplace of bungee jumping, originating in an age-old ritual called the naghol?

Between April and June every year, men in the southern part of the island jump from tall towers with vines tied to their feet, in a ritual believed to ensure a good yam harvest. The ritual is also now used to show acceptance into manhood. Land diving was first given international exposure when David Attenborough and a BBC film crew brought back footage of the ritual during the s.

Mentioned prominently in the film The Color of Money , which Russian-born cue maker has achieved legendary status in the world of cue sports and is called as 'the Stradivarius of cuemakers'? His full name or last name standing alone is often used to refer to a cue stick made by him. Although already well known and valuable to collectors, Balabushka and his cues became much more so after being prominently featured in the movie.

Who is 'we'? This statement was made by Chuck Daly. The team consisting of Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson is often regarded as the greatest collection of talent on one team in basketball history. What sporting rules were written by John Chambers in and published in superseding the Revised London Prize Ring rules of ? They were named so because the 9th Marquess of Queensberry publicly endorsed the code. This version persuaded boxers that "you must not fight simply to win; no holds barred is not the way; you must win by the rules.

There is a prize for the fastest circumnavigation of the world by any type of yacht and was first awarded to a yacht which sailed around the world in less than 80 days. Can you guess after whom the trophy is named? The original idea for this competition has been attributed to Yves Le Cornec in The rules were defined in The 'Aussie Round' is considered by many to be the ultimate test of skills in this field where an object should cross a 50 metre circle and come right back to the centre.

What is the object in question? After the Olympics, what are the world's second-largest multi-sport event, the Delhi edition of which was in the news in ? Which land area near Wendover, Utah that is marked out for motor sports is particularly noted as the venue for numerous land speed records? It is part of the sq mile Bonneville salt flat in northwestern Utah. The area is extremely flat and nearly aligned perfectly with the shape of Earth, allowing visitors to see the curvature of the planet by producing an optical illusion that makes many of the mountains within the vicinity appear to be floating in the air since their bases are on the other side of the curve and thus out-of-sight.

Statistically the greatest driver of Formula One, Michael Schumacher won his seven championships with which two companies? After winning two championships with Benetton, Schumacher moved to the Ferrari in and won five consecutive drivers' titles with them. You cannot be serious. According to the DVD interview of the movie Amadeus , Tom Hulce studied which tennis star's mood swings for his portrayal of Mozart's unpredictable genius? In , which tennis player ranked No. This record was broken by No. What is the maximum score that can be achived in a single game of bowling?

And how many perfect throws? In curling, what is the name given to the target area towards which teams slide polished granite stones? Two sweepers with brooms accompany each rock and use timing equipment and their best judgement along with direction from their other teammates to help direct the stones to their resting place. The complex nature of stone placement and shot selection has led some to refer to curling as "chess on ice. Robinson is widely considered one of the greatest boxers in history, and has been ranked as the greatest boxer of all time by sportswriters, fellow boxers, and trainers.

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The phrase "pound for pound", was created by sportswriters for him during his career as a way to compare boxers irrespective of weight, and Hall of Fame fighters such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Leonard have ranked Robinson as the greatest pound for pound boxer in history. In , he helped the Knicks win their first NBA championship, followed by a second in The second championship season was Bradley's best and he made his only All-Star Game appearance that year. Retiring from basketball in , he was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.

In the Knicks retired his number 24 jersey. Which Swede is the only man in tennis history to have won at least two Grand Slam singles titles on each of the three surfaces of grass, clay and hardcourt? Although he never won the singles title at Wimbledon, Wilander twice won the Australian Open when that tournament was still played on grass courts. He won three of the four Grand Slam singles events in and finished that year ranked World No.

What medieval sport is the official sport of Maryland as well as the first to be made an official sport by an American state? However, rain has forced play on the Middle Sunday three times in the Championship's history: in , , and On each of these occasions, Wimbledon has staged a "People's Sunday", with unreserved seating and readily available, inexpensive tickets. Although a total of 43 clubs have competed in the English Premier League since its inception, how many teams have won the title as of ? An attempt to run round the perimeter of the Great Court in the time during the clock striking twelve is a tradition at which hallowed institution?

This race is also depicted in the movie Chariots of Fire. It is a rather difficult challenge and the only people believed to have actually completed the run in time are Lord Burghley in and Sebastian Coe when he beat Steve Cram in a charity race in October What is unique about the Summer Olympics and the combinations 'Berlin', 'Tokyo, then Helsinki' and 'London'? Games were cancelled due to the World Wars; had they taken place, those cities were the assigned locations. Even this requires a definition of amateurism based on fight rules rather than on payment, as some boxers and wrestlers receive cash prizes from their National Olympic Committees.

What nickname was given to the New York Yankees baseball team of the late s, in particular to the first six hitters in the team lineup? The Yankees are recognized as one of the best teams in baseball history, alongside the Yankees, the Yankees and the Yankees. Some of the sports that were on the program of the World Games eventually made it as Olympic sports such as triathlon or have been Olympic sports in the past like tug of war.

Some of the sports that are currently held at the World Games are orienteering, body building, powerlifting, finswimming, squash, netball, water skiing, casting, etc. The sports that are included in the World Games are based on the facilities available in the host city, no new facilities may be constructed for the games. Tally-ho, in his play A Woman of No Importance , what activity did Oscar Wilde call "the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable"? It is a recreational form of hunting in which trained dogs pursue Red Foxes, followed by human hunters who are usually on horses but sometimes on foot.

Many animal welfare campaigners object to it as barbaric, while many proponents and participants view it as a crucial part of rural history in England, vital for conservation, and a method of pest control. In Japanese sporting world, one of the more unusual memorabilia that can be purchased is the 'tegata. Tegata consist of a hand print of the wrestler accompanied by his fighting name written in calligraphic style by the wrestler himself.

The ink for the handprint itself can be either red or black. Original tegata can be quite expensive, but printed copies of the most popular wrestlers can be obtained very inexpensively.

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The tennis player Vitas Gerulaitis was a colorful character. After finally beating Jimmy Connors after 16 straight losses, what did he quip? Gerulaitis is considered one of the great "might-have beens" of tennis. He is remembered as one of the most pleasing players to watch on court, and a gentleman off court. He died in a tragic carbon monoxide poisoning accident in at age Along the way runners inevitably had to jump creeks and low stone walls separating estates.

The length of the race is usually m. The number of laps depends on whether the water jump is located to the inside of lane one or to the outside of lane eight or nine. Each runner encounters a total of 28 barriers over the course of the race, as well as 7 water jumps. I had to go to the back door. I couldn't live where I wanted. I wasn't invited to shake hands with Hitler, but I wasn't invited to the White House to shake hands with the President, either.

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In the Olympics, what is the longest race in athletics in terms of distance? Not so fast, junior. The main news in London on July 7th, was the terrorist bombing in the Underground. What was the contrasting sports news the previous day that made Londoners happy?

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Adjustment can only be done when it is the player's move and the adjustment is preceded by speaking I adjust or j'adoube. Which chess opening named for a Spanish monk consists of the following moves? Nf3, Nc6 3. One of the most popular openings, it has such a vast number of variations that in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings all codes from C60 to C99 are assigned to them. Nicknamed the Russian Dan Gable, he went undefeated in international competition from to until upset by the American wrestler Rulon Gardner. He won gold medals at the , , and Olympic Games and went the last six years of his unbeaten streak without giving up a point.

Who is he? Karelin was famous for his body lift, the "Karelin Lift", where facing the opponent who was lying flat on the mat to keep from being thrown, Karelin was able to lift the opponent from around his waist and throw him all the way over his shoulders, scoring from 2 to 5 points depending on the height of the throw.

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Karelin's ability to perform this throw against elite opponents weighing as much as kg was amazing to audiences as well as other participants and observers of the sport. Which Romanian, nicknamed "Nasty", was the first tennis player to be ranked No. Until the computer-generated rankings began in , all previous rankings going back to had been to at least some degree subjective. Even the "authoritative" end-of-the-year amateur rankings issued by such groups as the United States Lawn Tennis Association were based on judgments made by men and women and not on mathematical formulas assigning points for wins or losses.

Reveal All Answers Click on each question for its answer. Helmet The incident the question refers to is the death of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes who was struck by a ball on the neck and died afterwards despite wearing a helmet. Arpad Elo Namesake of the rating system seen whenever chess is discussed. The Netherlands The Netherlands typically dominates the event at all international competitions. John Forbes Nash Acknowledgement. Iditarod sled race of Alaska During the serum run to Nome, also known as the "Great Race of Mercy", 20 mushers and about sled dogs relayed diphtheria antitoxin miles by dog sled across the Alaska in five and a half days, saving the small city of Nome and the surrounding communities from an incipient epidemic.

Ultimate frisbee From its beginnings in the American counterculture of the late s, ultimate has resisted empowering any referee with rule enforcement, instead relying on the sportsmanship of players and invoking the "Spirit of the Game" to maintain fair play. Remove hijabs Claiming they were taking a stand against what they say is a discriminatory policy against Muslim women. Hiking The basic rule, which applies only to hikes rated Class 1 on the Yosemite Decimal System, is: Allow 1 hour for every 5 kilometres 3. Chicago Cubs The Cubs have not won the World Series in years, the longest championship drought of any major North American professional sports team, and are often referred to as the "Lovable Losers" because of this distinction.

Hungary Acknowledgement. Wrestling Pentathletes were considered to be among the most skilled athletes, and their training was often part of military service—each of the five events in the pentathlon was thought to be useful in war or battle. The yellow jersey of the Tour de France The bank has sponsored the maillot jaune since Sauna Almost every Finnish household has a sauna and the usage of it is strongly ingrained in the country's culture. The poem Invictus The movie is the Invictus featuring rugby.

Sarajevo The mountain hosted the bobsled event during the Winter Olympics. Golden sombrero A platinum sombrero for five strikeouts or a titanium sombrero for six strikeouts may be awarded but they are much rarer than a golden sombrero. Water polo Acknowledgement. Curling The origin of the word Bonspiel is primarily Gaelic from coin and skate. Gymnastics Acknowledgement. Watermelons Gallagher is known for smashing watermelons as part of his act.

Ash Goes without saying that ash trees are also used to make baseball bats. Baseball cards The advertising cards produced by the company, issued in , featured a team photo of the famous Cincinnati Red Stockings. Snooker This is often known as a maximum, a , or orally a one-four-seven. Cricket Tebbit suggested that those immigrants who support their native countries rather than England at the sport of cricket are not significantly integrated into the United Kingdom.

Mary, Queen of Scots Her portrait hangs in the golf museum at St. Bobby Fischer She was referring to how he rose to the top without much support from anywhere. Jim Thorpe Though several sources recount this story from the Olympics at Stockholm, Wikipedia suggests it might have been apocryphal. Muhammad Ali during the Rumble in the Jungle fight Ali won by knockout, putting Foreman down just before the end of the eighth round.

Othello The name was selected as a reference to the Shakespearean play Othello, the Moor of Venice, referencing the conflict between the Moor Othello and Iago, and more controversially, to the unfolding drama between Othello, who is black, and Desdemona, who is white. High-five In , Burke ran onto the field to congratulate his Dodgers teammate Dusty Baker after Baker hit his 30th home run in the last game of the regular season. Ice hockey In deference to the ice re-surfacer and Frank Zamboni. K line Each hill has a target called the calculation point or K point or 'critical point' which is a par distance to aim for.

Zone defense It is the alternative to man-to-man defense; instead of each player guarding a corresponding player on the other team, each defensive player is given an area known as a "zone" to cover. Forrest Gump Karnazes has been described as "the world's most famous ultramarathon runner. Roger Bannister, best known for running the first mile in less than 4 minutes He went on to become a distinguished neurologist and when asked whether the 4-minute mile was his proudest achievement, he said he felt prouder of his contribution to academic medicine through research.

Cricket the World Cup The tournament is televised in over countries to over 2. Dwight F. Davis, after whom the Davis Cup is named The competition began in as a challenge between Britain and the United States. Death of Ayrton Senna Other incidents saw driver Rubens Barrichello injured and several mechanics and spectators injured.

Bangladesh The sports representative from the country attributes it to the country's weak economy. The Lord of the Rings The title of course refers to the logo. Wimbledon Green and purple or mauve are of course the two official colors of the tournament, also featuring in the logo.

Juventus The club is based in based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Road cycling Riders in a group save energy by riding close.