The Human Computer

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Driver Deskilling Contextual Persuasion.

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Center for HCI at Schmiede Gaze-based Interaction in Games Embodied Interaction. Automotive Retail Lab Events, News. To err is robot: how robots learn to recognise errors Human-Robot Interaction.

Gaze Assist Contextual Persuasion. Contextual Touchscreen Interaction Embodied Interaction.

The HCI Centre, University of Birmingham

Chase Light Contextual Persuasion. Proximity-Sensitive Interaction Embodied Interaction.

Robot Programming Human-Robot Interaction. In-car Collaboration Computer Supported Cooperation. Memoing and Lenses Enhancing Life Experience. Her father was a trapeze artist and lion tamer in a circus. Survivors include a daughter and two grandchildren.

Human Computer Interaction and Design

She was about 3 and playing cards with her father when he discovered that she was a mathematical prodigy with an uncanny ability to memorize numbers. By the time she was 5, she had become an expert at solving math problems. Devi won fame demonstrating her math skills at the circus, and later in road shows arranged by her father.

The First Computers Were Human (and Mostly Women)

She toured Europe in It turned out that she was right. Similarly, at the University of Rome, one of her answers to a problem was found to be wrong, until the experts re-examined their own calculations.

Human-Computer Interaction Master of science degree

When Ms. If you gave her any date in the last century, she would tell you what day of the week it fell on. In a journal article about Ms.

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Devi, Arthur R.