The Iraql Debacle -- a Wrecktrospective

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Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xiii. Pages Front Matter Pages Iran and the War: From Stalemate to Ceasefire. Iran: Doctrine and Reality. Iraq: Between East and West. The Impact on the Arab World. The War and the Spread of Islamic Fundamentalism.

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Israel and the Iran-Iraq War. Walking Tightropes in the Gulf. Europe and the Iran-Iraq War. The phrase "Turkish prison" meaning an unpleasant place of confinement came into widespread usage. On the seventh day, the Israeli Air Force struck Iran's nuclear facilities. As Iranian air defense forces scrambled west to meet the Israeli attack, American planes launched from southerly carriers in the Persian Gulf, and destroyed Iranian airfields and much of the Iranian military.

In the ensuing chaos, student radicals took to the streets, and with no coherent army to oppose them, deposed the Iranian theocracy. At an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, the French delegate rose to speak first: "I propose that the United Nations declare Syria and Lebanon to be protectorates of Turkey, under a United Nations mandate, as an affirmation of the historic peace-keeping role of the Ottoman Empire.

I further propose that the United Nations take the same actions regarding the airstrikes in Iran as the U. That is to say, nothing except words of regret.

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The Russian delegate seconded the motion; pounding his shoe on the table, he demanded that the question be put to an immediate vote, without debate. The motion passed , with all five permanent members of the Security Council voting in favor, and the Syrian delegate not present. Later that year, American film-maker Michael Moore produced a humorous documentary showing photographic evidence that: 1.

Just a few days after the Security Council resolution was passed, the French, Russian, and Chinese delegates resigned their positions, and moved to Iraq, where each delegate was given his own palace, which had once belonged to Saddam Hussein. Although Moore had produced irrefutable footage of the bribery of U. Lose an election for me, f you," said Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, explaining why he was picketing the premiere of Moore's film. Moore made one last film for American audiences, a humorous and respectful biography of Daniel and Philip Berrigan, which won critical acclaim when it was shown on the Public Broadcasting System at 4 a.

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But PBS executives said that the broadcast did not achieve the ratings they expected in that time slot. Moore emigrated to Cuba, where he was appointed Minister of Culture. His humorous documentary "Fidel Castro is the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ" enjoyed the distinction of being the only movie which every single Cuban watched 27 times. When websites such as Moorewatch. Osama bin Laden made a surprise visit to Cuba on October 31, , and hugged Michael Moore, as he told a cheering throng in Havana, "Most American culture is garbage, but this guy made the only American movie I really enjoyed.

Notwithstanding the continuing failure to capture Osama bin Laden, Americans were so pleased with the Bush administration's success in the War on Terror that Republicans swept the House and Senate in the elections, achieving lopsided majorities equaling the Democratic dominance of Congress after the elections.

Supreme Court, and to fill Thomas's Associate Justice position with Janice Brown, had been hard-fought and narrowly won. But Bush's next three Supreme Court nominations were easily confirmed by the overwhelmingly Republican Senate in the Spring of On the last day of the Supreme Court's term in June , Roe v. Wade was over-ruled That afternoon, the Louisiana legislature convened in special session, and banned all abortion, under any circumstances.

The political effect on Democrats was galvanizing.

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But the Bush victory in the War on Terror meant that national security was no longer the paramount issue. Millions of "Security Moms" and "Soccer Moms" decided that reproductive rights were now the most important issue, and they streamed into Clinton headquarters to volunteer. But with Roe v. Wade gone, their personal rights were now at stake.

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And I don't mind some regulations on abortion, but I'm not going to stand for prohibition. Clinton announced, "I'm pro-choice and pro-life. Jenjis K. Rodham-Clinton was much too young to know that she was the most famous baby in the world. President Clinton's first years in office were extremely contentious.

It seemed as if her nomination of University of Oklahoma law professor Anita Hill to the Supreme Court would be defeated, until an ailing Senator Arlen Specter was wheeled in from his hospital bed to cast the last vote of his distinguished career for her nomination. The confirmation of Justice Hill turned into a political debacle for the Clinton administration, when only six weeks after joining the Supreme Court, Justice Hill filed a racial discrimination complaint against Chief Justice Thomas, alleging that he forced her to write all the opinions on tax cases and Indian law.

The Chief Justice replied that the tax and Indian cases were a form of hazing that is traditionally applied to the newest Justice. Chagrined by the Anita Hill disaster, and newly reconciled with political strategist Dick Morris, President Clinton announced that her next Supreme Court nominee would be a sensible moderate who was widely respected by all sides. Justice Glenn Harlan Reynolds was confirmed , and lawyers who practiced before the Supreme Court began studying a decade's worth of Instapundit archives to discern the new Justice's views.

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Reynolds is best-known for writing the decision which struck down the clause in Louisiana law which forbade traveling out of state to obtain an abortion; Reynolds declared such a restriction to be a violation of the Interstate Commerce clause of the Constitution. Clinton convened an emergency session of Congress at 7 a. Polling by Dick Morris from to had shown that a strong response to Chinese aggression would be popular with key voting blocs, such as Filipinos in Hawaii, Cambodian doughnut shop owners in California, and Vietnamese shrimp-boaters in Louisiana.

At 11 a. The powerful American military from the G. Bush defense build-up demolished Chinese ships in the Straits of Taiwan. The Chinese government initiated a nuclear strike on the United States, but most of the missiles failed to launch because they included defective components from sleazy American exporters; those missiles that did launch were instantly shot down by the Strategic Defense Initiative lasers.

A few days later, the Chinese hardliners were deposed in a coup led by mid-ranking Chinese officials who had attended American universities. They quickly sued for peace, correctly perceiving that American terms would be generous. China recognized the independence of Taiwan, restored independence to Tibet, and granted "absolute autonomy in all matters except foreign relations" to Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.

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The next week, Baby Jenjis cooed while her adoptive mother spoke to a crowd of two million at Baotou, Inner Mongolia. A few pro-Democrat websites pointed out that Mrs. Clinton had overturned the dictatorship in China in less than a week, but it had taken George W. Bush several weeks to overturn the dictatorship in the much smaller nation of Iraq.