The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates; 6 Steps to Finding Your Magical Match Using Online Dating

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Start a dialogue with them, and call upon them when you need them. Our honest and divine love will make us happy and fulfill our dreams. This love spell will not target anyone who is not your one and true only other person on earth. When this voice talks, you should listen.

That allows your intuition to strengthen and it allows you to hear that subtle voice that is oh, so wise. The same way that the energy within crystals can be transferred to our chakras to heal ailments and pains, energies of certain crystals can be used to attract things in the universe — things like love, success and wealth. Cast your circle and anoint the candle with ginger oil. Become grateful for your body, acting loving towards it is a powerful way to attract your Twin Flame or soulmate.

Listen to your intuition. Nothing is off-limits. This new person will do what the other failed to do. But it can be really easy to find your soulmate if you understand these 10 steps. Karmic lesson is what you bring into this lifetime from previous lifetimes. We want you to look outward and marvel at the world around you. Or if you bring this quality in, you may see that this relationship is unhealthy. In cases such as these, the Twin Flame in spirit may bring to you a person on Earth who can embody the Twin Flame for you here. Walk a block from your home and drop one red rose.

Wearing these crystals and programming them to suit your intentions hastens the time you will take to encounter your soul mate. Looking forward to see you there. You must be whole and happy as you are, because no one else can give you that. This is a reality. Raise your vibration.

Believe in love. Just make sure to get back out there as soon as you are ready! There is some real magic available…just you wait and see! Do you wonder if your Soul Mate Magnet is strong enough to attract love? Contact me and I will be happy to help you feel your own magnetism and if it is strong enough to bring your ideal match. The enemy is eager and waiting to bring division to the unity God has brought into your life. You will settle into your new life, but your soul will always carry this person with you. July 22, Get rid of the person who is interfering with you and your loved one.

Karmic Lesson Number. You can bring this person back into your life and have a relationship with but this relationship will never be the same as the old one you had. This article focuses on how to find your soulmate. You don't have to believe everything you read and can form your own opinions and your own rules and even design your own spells.

One of the best ways to tell if your partner is your soulmate early on is recognizing that they bring our the best in you, and you bring out the best in them without either of you losing your own identities. Live from your soul. Whether the relationship is new, or you want to refresh your bond, these soulmate quotes will give you the words to express your emotions. You must come with total love and acceptance of self. Treat yourself with love and respect, follow your heart, strive to raise your vibration, and this will bring you into alignment with soulmate relationships that can help you grow and progress further in Love.

How you must prepare your mind for the experience of reuniting with your soulmate. As you know that affirmations is one of the most helpful tools in the process of manifestation. Your soulmate will not make you feel happy all of the time. A soul mate will accept who you are, will bring out the best in you, challenge you, and be your best friend.

A Soulmate is a helper on your soul's journey. It really works! Make it easier for your soulmate to find you. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger. Please fill me with your sacred presence. Self-love leads to becoming a magnet for love. In order to attract your soul mate, you must first recognize all of the unique qualities that you offer to others.

Put a power or master symbol over every side of the room you are in. Love your life. Feel free and encourage to bring your friends, colleagues or partners. But your soulmate is really this: the person who brings out your inner child. Big love is possible for any one of any age if you are willing to become a magnet for love. They don't just date you to impress others, for your looks or money.

Write a list of the most important qualities your soulmate will possess. My heart is pure; my intentions clear. Burn the Bring Back Your Mate Fixed Candle if you have lost that special man or woman in your life - let the power of this triple strength candle bring them back. Be happy! Fill your days with joyful and life affirming activities.

Looking for the best quotes about soulmates? Here's a collection of some lovely soulmate quotes and sayings to help you express your true affection. Having an ideal partner list is great. It has been over a year and everything is well and i do want to move to the 8. If you'd like to find out how to attract your Life Partner and create passionate and healthy Relationship, then join us.

Witchcraft can help you to discover your highest self, and you can use this spell to harness positive energies that will lead you to your true twin-flame soulmate. Almost all of us crave for a special someone with whom we can share our deepest feelings and an eternal bond of unconditional love.

Huffington Post’s 3 Reasons To Date The Bad Boy. Is This Good Advice?

Your soul mate wants a happy person, too. Expressing your individuality is the closest you can come to advertising your soulmate potential. This belief alone will make you far more successful in your manifesting efforts and make the process several times faster. And the correct order is to love Jesus first, and then to love your soul mate. Spell to link soulmates. When you're with your soulmate, you love your partner. Familiar methods for finding your soulmate include meditation, love spells, vision boards, prayer, working with crystal grids, With a teaspoon of honey, drink the milk, warmed if you prefer.

Prayers For A Soulmate. You can meet your soulmate anywhere. A crucial part of attracting your soul mate is in the energy you project out to the world. Finally it will ensure you are projecting the right mixture of physical and mental signals and energy out. Be happy. It is the only thing that can bring your twin flame relationship into alignment.

Your Twin Flame Is Like Your Soulmate On Crack—Here's How You Know You've Met Yours - Bolde

It was a well known but unwritten rule that you never harm your soulmate, and Chrysalis' first interaction with her had been knocking her unconscious and trying to take over her nation. If you thought your soulmate was an "easy fit," think again. Basically, anything that relates to how you imagine your soulmate and perfect relationship.

Live the life that you were destined to live. Brown had no idea where the number came from, and sent a text message to it, hoping to solve the mystery. This spell will intensify your energy and make it difficult for a person to deny. One thing I failed to mention in that article was the sadness of losing the love of your life.

Somehow the media glamorized the idea of soulmate as people who are perfectly compatible and therefore live in perfect harmony. Once you believe in Jesus, you then begin to love Him. In conclusion, your soulmate is someone who you talk with for hours and never get bored of each other or run out of beautiful things to say, someone who makes you laugh when all you want to do is cry, the one who makes you smile when you are angry, someone who you run to when something went wrong.

When you hear the word soulmate, does your mind automatically jump to a specific person? If so, it might be time for you to make a move or at least show that you're interested. As you return to your home drop 3 more at regular intervals and drop the last one at your doorstep. As you think about this definition, you may realize you have more than one pray for soulmate by: TT Dear God, i am a sinner and not worth of your time.

Bring it to life. A close soulmate relationship can make others panic and bring out strange behaviour in them you haven't seen before. Be truthful. The biggest, saddest, most painful thing about finding your soulmate is losing him to death, divorce, or a difficult breakup. Come with a clear mind, come with an open heart, and come with an attitude of reverence for nature. Spell To Meet Your Soulmate, Love relationships are always very special as they bring some amount of feelings in you. The emotional, mental, spiritual and physical signs you receive as soulmate comes into your life. Spell to help bring your soulmate into your life.

You can write to us at the Then read this article about compatibility and personality type to see how you can find your soulmate by looking for people who have a complementary type. Soul mates relish small moments together and cherish their commitment to their marriage. In order to find your soul mate, you may need to ask a higher realm to arrange for your soul mate.

Answer a few questions with a yes or a no, and we'll let you know when you can expect to meet your true love. Spiritually, soulmates usually play a major role in your development. The Universe is ready to unite you with your soulmate and provide you with unbelievable happiness. This is certainly not the only guideline for finding your soulmate, but the research suggests you have a higher likelihood of relationship satisfaction when matched with the best personality But either way, the greatest need of every soul is to have a relationship with their Creator.

Let go of expectations. The right soulmate for you is one who will purposely give you some space once in a while to show you that you can survive by yourself, with your own thoughts. The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate. You have to argue and compromise and cry to get to the point where your hearts are fused together, but I think it can happen.

So you want to know how to meet and be with your soulmate? Most people totally misunderstand the entire concept of soulmate. One of the other signs your soulmate is thinking of you is when you dreamed about them at night. Say the Right before you sleep, place the red cloth with the almonds and raisins under your pillow, with the intention of dreaming of your soulmate. Someone who will love, nurture and support you while you love, nurture and support them.

You need to at least accept the idea that Twin Flames exist. With true love spells, you will be able to connect with this perfect person in order to draw them into your life and to keep them in your life. You feel it in your bones that someone who is just perfect for you is out in the world. Real and lasting love is a reality for so many couples.

Scorpio October 23 — November 21 The most valuable characteristic a soulmate can bring to a relationship with you is trustworthiness. When you meet your soulmate for the first time, it won't feel like you're just meeting, you'll feel like you've known them forever but just haven't seen each other for awhile.

Place one red candle about two feet in front of you. But when you're apart, you have all the love you need within you. A Guide to Your Spirit Guides. You see a part of you in them, it is almost like their heart completes yours. The person who makes you feel so truly safe that the kid inside you can come out. Many spend all their lives searching for the perfect partner. Now, you want to find a space that you can make your circle in.

The Tarot pinpoints exactly what it is about you that you bring to your relationships. We want to dream with you about all your future holds. You seem to read each other's minds. You love yourself so much that you know that who you are is enough. In the end, if they're your soulmate, they won't let you get away so easily. Your soul mate will not be coming into your life to rescue you, make you happy, or save your life. Raising your vibration before doing any of the steps below will add energy to them, drawing your soulmate to you as if by magic. Come to your alter, the good earth, a sandy beach, or a flat rock can serve as your alter, the closer to nature, the better.

In everyday life, you may be totally okay with this fact, but subconsciously, the pain still lingers. In order to attract your soulmate, you need to learn to let go of this anxiety and fear. Take five red roses. These emotions can bring about rage one minute, and joy another. It shows you what you're working with. A phone call from afar or standing by your side, your soulmate will go to great lengths to remind you that you are worth whatever it is you desire and will help you find your way to it and protect you all along the way.

Question 1 Soul Mate Summoning. Guilt and Blame In order to draw your soulmate to you its important to get really clear on the qualities of your ideal partner as well as what it will feel like to actually be with them. Share your happiness and show respect to all living things. A personal coach to help you manifest more love into your life.

You may want to win your soulmate back when they should be the one trying to win you over. You challenge each other. Just focus on keeping yourself and the people around you happy. It was a piece of cake for them to screw things up, so let them put the same amount of time energy and effort into trying to win you back. We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all.

Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer , Hardcover Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. You may also like. Judy Blume Books. Paperback Cookbook. Judy Blume Paperback Books. Judy Blume Signed Books. This item doesn't belong on this page. I hope that over time this toxic behavior will stop. If you need us please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at I really am in dire straits at the moment and it is comforting to read about so many people who have overcome these awful experiences.

I have been married for nearly a year. I got a job almost immediately but he is still looking, and this is causing him a lot of pain. I have known about his controlling and angry behaviours for a long time but in the past couple of weeks the situation has escalated and he has been taking out his frustration on me. Last night when he came to bed and I was pretending to be asleep, my heart was racing with fear. He has never hit me but I felt so much hatred from him I was afraid for my life.

All this manipulation is disgusting — I know this rationally, but I keep doubting myself and my actions. What if I have been such a terrible person in this relationship? Perhaps I am actually disrespectful and selfish as he says. My self-esteem is at a real low and I feel really isolated. When we arrived in this country my husband planted intense fear in me about going out alone — the crime rate is high and I look like a foreigner, therefore an easy target. Now, I feel scared to go out and do stuff on my own. I love my new job — I really feel valued by everyone there. And a big part of me hates him now for the way he has treated me.

It sounds like this has been such a confusing and uncomfortable situation. It is not ok to insult and disrespect you in any way, and it sounds like that is going on a lot in the relationship. We know that abuse happens because one person believes they deserve the power and control in the relationship and use different tactics to get it. That includes isolating you from your friends and family, as well as making you feel vulnerable or hopeless.

I can tell how much effort you have put into the relationship and it is not fair that you are not getting that in return. I am concerned that you have started to feel unsafe in your home. Your safety is our priority, both physically and emotionally. Our hotline operates out of the US, if you are able to reach us by phone , or online by chat at thehotline. Hi there! I think I have been in an abusive relationship for over 5 years. I have a child with this man and he often uses him as a way to tell me that I am not a good parent and he will take him away from me.

Although he came back every time crying and trying to come back with me. He calls me names, asks me to talk dirty in bed and often slap me and says it is just a game. I am always worried that he gets upset and start another cycle of fights! He is 53 and he often finds girls 30 or younger and have dirty conversations and pictures sent to them.

I am He also documents the pictures and conversation on file in his laptop. His calendar is full of girls name and their birthdays and he is like a predator sending message to them and then continue the conversation by saying he is always there to help and he is so different from others and they can count on him! He did the same with me. He always hid his phone and laptop from me and I never looked for anything. Just recently I found out about this. He also insult me all the time. He makes a lot of money but refuses to pay the right amount of child support and I am afraid to go to court because he is threatening me that he will show them that I am crazy and he will take away my 3 year old.

What should I do? Thank you so much for sharing. Blaming you, manipulating your child, refusing to help financially, and justifying abusive behavior are all common tactics for abusers to maintain power and control. A healthy relationship is about equality, understanding and respect. You should feel heard and safe to voice your opinion.

It must have been so upsetting to find those conversations and you were justified in asking him about them. I think it would upset anyone to find out their partner was keeping such a huge secret from them. Instead of taking responsibility, he tried making you feel like it was your problem. Getting information and resources is always helpful since many abusers will tell you things that may not be true. I just wanted to thank HotlineAdmin for the offer of support.

I realise I had forgotten about myself so now I am rediscovering who I am and what I like and want. I am taking Spanish lessons. I feel more relaxed with others and ready to make new friends. Anyway, thanks again — the kind of resources you provide are a lifeline. With love, Nora. I have been married for 20 years. I have 3 children. I love them very very much. I have no family. They are not good people. I am so ashamed. I feel so lost and I am afraid that my kids will stop loving me and just think I am weak or crazy or whatever he tells them.

What if they in turn become abusive??? What if I lose them??? Surprisingly my husband said it could go back to school. I totally supported all of us a few years back when he went back to school. So I quit my job and now i have no income. Be has increasingly been doing almost all the things described above, but only if no one is around. I just want to lay down and sleep forever. I have never felt so alone.

Sorry ffor all this. I know other people have gone through much worse. I am not suicidal but sometimes it crosses my mind. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing such deep feelings with us. Please Angie, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You were trying to do your best and as you explained your goal was to create a unified family. It is your husband who should be ashamed. Ashamed that he hurt such a wonderful woman and his children as well.

The abuse you have suffered for 20 years has been severely affecting and traumatizing. Please consider reaching out to you local domestic violence hotline and participate in their professional counseling and support groups. This will help you become stronger and figure out how to reach out to your children with honesty and love. Maybe they will attend a counseling session with you so that you can all talk honestly about the abuse. I know that you are sad right now, it sounds like you may be suffering from depression. Remember life is short and you have a right to be happy.

Think about it. You can be free from the attacks and the put downs. Without the abuser you have the possibility of making new friends and truly being happy for the first time in your life. We are here to get you through the most difficult of times. You are needed on this planet and we will try to give you the resources to help. I was in a abusive relationship in theHe past. He was physical abuse. I switched from physical to mental abuse. This time I moved to VA met a Veteran that i love and at first it was me feeling that its me.

I am trying to hold to tight, or im going crazy i am lossing my mind. I have been here for two years lost my job, about two years not working and everywhere i go to get a job it never works. He goes out spends every kbit of money that explains why we lost three apartments, my credit is jacked up for putting things in my name. He tells me that no one loves me and that i have bad memory he never said that.

I feel sorry for him and that pushes me to stay other than where am i going to go. I am so ashamed to talk to family there all in NY and they have problems taking care of theresaelf so who am i to burden them with my problems. He goes out everytime he gets money and he cheats online showing his stuff. To top it off i feel that he may be even into men also but let me tell him that he makes me feel as though i am the one hurting him.

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I been through worst so i didnt think nothing of it. I have no money, cant get a job to save my life and my self esteem is in the garbage, no car to get around because he didnt pay for the car i was driving but bought a caddilac so they came and got it. Right now we live with his uncle in this small room but im not complaining. I want so much more in my life i dont think my situation deserves the attention as some of these woman with children and just some that deserve it more than me. But i dont know what to do from here, I want to work and take care of me but i seem to always be back here.

I dont know whats wrong with me and what to do. I cry every other day and i dont feel I deserve to be happy. Help if can……. Hi Confused, Thank you for sharing your story. I think anyone would be upset if they were called names or had someone blaming me them for all the problems. In most relationships, financial problems are going to cause conflict and stress but that does not mean abuse. You can have a conflict with someone and still be handle it in a respectful, constructive way. No one ever deserves to be emotionally or physically abused. A healthy relationship means that you feel safe and respected, which are both missing from your current relationship.

You deserve to be happy and to be in a healthy relationship. I have had an increasing amount of mental distress involving interactions with my bf. I had begun to think that I was so mentally unstable that I had to find out what was wrong with me and what to do about it or i would lose my relationship. We have been in a long distance relationship for 6 years. The first 2 years were pretty great, we saw each other often and were generally pretty happy.

The only thing that marred that was a cheating incident that he claimed was due to a change in his medication. It took a couple months but we pretty much got over it fairly quickly, and for the most part I still trusted him. I did however want to know thins when he would go out, like who he was going out with, where they knew each other from, things like that which i feel could be part of any normal conversation between couples, but he would always gets so defensive. The more defensive he got the more I began to think he had something to hide so the harder i would push him for answers.

Eventually he mentioned a girl that he met and I had a gut feeling that there was more to it than he was telling me. It turned out that i was right and he says that it was because I made him feel so badly about himself that it was just good to be around someone that made him laugh and feel like a good person. I never meant to make him feel like a bad person, but I did feel like I had the right to know what he was up to.

I also felt that he often made me feel guilty for not trusting him fully after he had cheated and lied. The problem was bigger because the second girl he cheated with who knew he had a gf and even went out to dinner with us was still hanging around. In fact he still refuses to cut ties with her. He would never talk with me about what happened. I felt that i needed some kind of closure, and that I had the right to know what exactly happened, and when. I tried everything to get him to communicate with me and became so desperately persistant that he described my behavior to one of his friends in such a manner that his friend told him I was abusive.

Eventually he agreed to talk but by then everything I asked him he had conveniently forgotten the answer to. Every time we get into an argument I get so frustrated because I feel like he twists everything around and we never actually get anything accomplished. He has become controlling to the point where if i stop by the grocery on the way home from work and get home half an hour later than usual he greets me icily.

I feel that he knows he has the advantage in a verbal argument. That he knows how to evade and change the subject, flip words around and I end up so confused. I know that when I say any of this to him he accuses me of the same thing. It was just the other night that i truly began to question my mental stability. I begged him to help me if i am unbalanced. Is it possible he really does think that he is the vicitm? Is there any way to save a relationship with a person who gaslights? Am I being abusive to him because I feel like trust is earned back, not instantly given? Is it wrong for me to want him to cut contact with the girl he cheated on me with?

So many gaslighting signs are there though. He does question my memory of things, also questions my hearing which is admittedly spotty at times, but i think he uses that He thinks I overreact, he thinks I read his intentions wrong. I often feel like my feelings are marginalized.


I just want things to be better. If the fault is with him or both of us I want to be able to make him realize that he has work to do as well. Hello Jennifer, Thank you so much for contributing to our blog community. It can be so difficult to feel as though you cannot trust your own judgments, and we know that behaviors like gaslighting can really contribute to that confusion. I can see that you have tried to do everything within your power to help cultivate a healthy relationship, but when the abusive person is refusing to change or even acknowledge their own actions it can be difficult for that healthy relationship to actually happen.

What we see is that change can be possible for abusive individuals but the key to that change is the understanding that their behavior is unhealthy and abusive. It sounds as though that is something you have tried to bring to his attention several times, the fault is not in yourself. Gaslighting can be incredibly confusing and can make the victim of abuse question all kinds of things about themselves, like I am seeing from what you are saying.

You are in no way responsible for his behavior or actions, I can see how some of the things he says to you can be confusing. It can be hard to remember the truth of yourself when you have someone else telling you something different every day. But asking for a healthy relationship is not a crime, it is not something you should be abused over. I know this can be complicated and can take a lot of support so know that we are here 24 hours a day and are completely confidential and anonymous.

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Our number is , and we are always here. Take care. Hotline Advocate RF. I was always too jealous and too sensitive. I was always asking myself, am I too jealous, am I too sensitive? Emotional, psychological and financial abuse are as bad as physical abuse. But I found out he was cheating again. I was pretty much told I had to put up with it. Jennifer, your bf sounds just like my ex did when we were married, and like you, I turned to the internet for information. I even asked myself the same question — am I being abusive? He told you his friend said that to make you feel even worse, so that he can use it against you.

You deserve to be with someone who has morals and integrity who will treat you with respect. You deserve to have your questions answered, you deserve to have someone who wants to be with you, spend time with you, have conversations with you, answer your questions, not flirt with other women, not lie to you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with our community. Domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse. It sounds like your experiences are very much like those shared by other survivors.

Abuse often begins very subtly and escalates over time. Hello My husband does this to me. Some days I feel it would be easier if I just die.

Twin Flame Signs

Thank you for reaching out to our blog community. It sounds like a lot is going on and like this has been such an overwhelming situation. We know that people who are abusive will use many different tactics to gain and maintain power and control in the relationship, including gaslighting and other manipulation tactics. I am concerned for both your physical and emotional safety. We know it takes so much to reach out for help, and I am glad that you have here.

Please give us, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a call at to talk to an advocate about what is going on and to explore the possible options. You may also want to check out the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, they can be reached at OK- so I am just looking for confirmation that what I experienced is exactly what I think it is- abuse. My husband of 28 years started accusing me of infidelity that never occurred. I thought that we had a good marriage, and of course as the years go on and the kids grow older things change, but I always thought we had what it would take to be in it for the long haul.

We were soul mates, we were going to be there for each other until the end. Who will be in your meetings? Some things were easy to answer and I have no idea exactly what I was doing at … I might be able to answer , ,! Then because I did not know that I must have been doing something I needed to cover up. Anyway he said he had forgotten his phone in my office one day and had alot of questions, I answered each one without any hesitation.

He had apparently left a recorder in my office and mistakenly heard a door close which was to a closet, he thought it was the door to the office and I had someone on there. This was never brought up again. This was only the beginning of what seemed like the end of my life. This type of behavior went on for months. Please understand, my husband was turning 50, I was passing a lot of his strange behavior off as just being some kind of mid life crisis.


He had always been somewhat jealous- always needed to be the center of attention- but e grew up in a military family, moved around a lot, was number 6 out of 11 children. I knew some of these things from the beginning- some of these things were things I loved about him. One day he picked me up from work and made awful accusations, said he had turned on the voice memo on my phone, as I carried t my pocket because I had to carry it on me at all times, so he could reach me eh apparently heard me in the bathroom doing things with someone at in the morning, in a bathroom mind you where there was plenty of staff that would have absolutely seen two people come out of there -it would have been so obvious.

But my husband was sure- he knew- and made me quit my job. He decided to also create a will. That was it-my life is now officially crazy. He called me every name in the book. We stayed up some days fighting for 24, 36, 42 hours at a time. I was smoking up to two packs of cigarettes a day and just staring out into nothing,barely eating, because I could not make sense of what was going on in my life- how could he think these things, how could he not see the truth?

So the answer of course was to go take a polygraph, well ten days into this madness, I went, I took the polygraph, but the man said it was deceptive. I was in shock- I ansered the questions truthfully, how could they come back deceptive? So I am now in an even lower place of not understanding what has happened to the life that I knew. I understand more now about how polygraphs work- they work on emotion, not the truth- and yes, I was emotional.

I did not tell the polygraph examiner that I had no less than 7 bruises on my body at the time of examination form a struggle I had with my husband over a gun. Well I have gone on and can continue with so much more- but from just the little bit that I have shared- do you all think this was abuse.. The biggest issue that I have is that even understanding now that we can not and should not be together- I still love this man, I know that is my issue, but I still love this man.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with our online community. We know that abuse tends to escalate over time, and it sounds like you experienced escalation at an intense and very rapid rate. His interrogations, accusations of cheating, recording you, forcing you to quit your job — none of these behaviors are respectful or okay. You deserve to be treated with respect, and your husband is not making choices that acknowledge that right, or your right to be safe.

There is nothing that makes it okay for him to treat you this way, and you deserve to be safe. Having someone you trust and love constantly badger you about your whereabouts and accuse you of cheating is incredibly hurtful and confusing. His accusations were not about you doing something wrong; they were about shifting the focus and power of your relationship. By creating a situation where you are constantly defending yourself against his accusations, your husband is taking control over the relationship, instead of maintaining a equal balance of power with respectful conversation, where both partners feel safe.

I can hear how the stress and trauma of these experiences are affecting you, and your reaction is normal. Anyone going through this would feel exhausted, bewildered, confused, and hurt. Many people who choose to be abusive use tactics like these to manipulate and control their partners.

Having that future change in this way would be confusing and hurtful to anyone. If you would like to talk more about your relationship and ways to increase your safety, please feel free to call us anytime. All of our conversations are anonymous and confidential. First off, I am a man and want everyone to understand that no one is immune. It happens to men too, and not wimpy men only. I used to be a firefighter and bouncer. I am also a man who has been raising my kids by myself for 11 years. That said, this past July I married a beautiful woman who had me convinced that we were perfect for each other.

I say this because within a month of getting married, She began physical violence against me. Within 3 months from getting married, she was arrested. She began threatening me that she was going to kill others around me. My kids were too afraid of her to tell anyone. By the time I realized there was a problem, I had been assaulted by her mentally, physically and sexually.

I had no clue that the latter was even possible but its not about sex, its about violence and control. After she was arrested, I became devastated and felt guilty. I felt that I had let her down. I thought that something had happened to her that caused her to snap and she just needed help. I contacted a local organization that helps domestic violence victims to try getting her help and that was when I realized that I was a victim. When she was released from jail, the judge gave her permission to stay at my house that I had prior to us getting married and me and my 2 children had to leave.

The courts dropped the domestic violence case. Primarily because I called the States attorney office and begged them to not send her to jail and get her help instead. That was a huge mistake but that was before I spoke with the D. The day after charges were dropped, she was at my office trying to convince me to come back home.

She broke into my car also. With the help of the organization, I filled for an injunction for protection. The day of the hearing I sat in front of the judge with 6 pages of dated incidents where she had attacked me along with photos, police reports and photos of damaged property. The normal Injunction Judge was not there and we had a substitute judge who heard me speak for a grand total of 45 seconds before stopping me.

He looked at my beautiful wife and asked her if she had ever done anything to hurt my. The judge asked her if I was just to sensitive to which she smiled and said well, yes, he is. The judge then asked me if I ever pushed her or hit her to which I said no. Everyone in the courtroom was shocked from the Victims Advocates, lawyers who heard me speak for less than a minute said they wished I had called them. I have filled for a divorce which thankfully is uncontested, at least for now. Since she drained my bank account into her personal account, I have no money. Yet I receive txt messages from her saying I love you and I wish I could take away your hurt.

Mind you, this has all taken place in 4 months. I never thought it would happen to me and I was never made aware of the signs. If I had, perhaps this could have all been avoided before we married when it was just the gaslighting. Never blame the victim because this is not a situation where anything the victim does contributes to the actions of the abuser. They do not love you! Anyone can be in a relationship with someone who chooses to be abusive, and it is a confusing, painful, scary situation; a situation that no one ever deserves to experience. You should never be penalized or looked down on for refusing to be aggressive or hurt another person.

We wish everyone made the choice to be respectful and non-violent, and participate in healthy relationships. As you know, your ex-wife had no right to hurt you or your kids in any way. Being treated this way by someone you love, who says that they love you is incredibly hurtful and confusing. It can take time and work to make sense of what has been done to you, and you deserve all the help available on this journey. All conversations are anonymous and confidential. Gaslighting is such a subtle strategy abusers will use to gain and maintain power and control in the relationship.

There are many other strategies outlined in other blog posts. Know that you can also feel free to give our hotline a call at to talk them through with an advocate. But I have decided that all of the above is ok.

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He will not break me. Because the only thing worse then 15years with this man? Is spending my entire life living like that. We know that leaving can be a difficult and dangerous process. You did what you needed to, and your choices kept you and your children safe and alive in a dangerous situation.

Your children are lucky to have a mom who is so strong, and shows them that they deserve to be safe. Because of your choices, you and your children can now have a safe future. Holy cow — reading all this is such validation. As I read these, I see bits and pieces of my long-term recently ended relationship.

I started a log years ago because I was always told I was exaggerating, too sensitive, crazy, etc. Re-reading my log — and reading here — confirms even more what I already knew. Sending good thoughts to all here. Thank you so much for sharing with our blog community! I am so glad this post was so validating, we know that abuse can be so subtle sometimes that it is difficult to figure out exactly what is going on. Keeping that log was such a good idea!

Know that the National Domestic Violence Hotline is always available to talk this through. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost three years. I love him. I am feeling the same way that may of the other people have posted here. Not so much physical, but alot of mental. At her request for my point of view on something; then I am rediculed for my opinion. Everything i do or say she turns it around as if I am attacking her.

I am just running out of options. I have read the questionaire severl times in disbeleif that i am going through all of them. What am I suppose to do…? Hi Brooke, Wow, that is such an abusive situation. No one stays because they like being abused. Abusers have their good qualities and a lot of abusive relationships have good periods. This dynamic is what makes leaving so difficult. Anxiety attacks are tough to deal with and cause a lot suffering, yet they are not the cause of abusive behavior. Abuse is about having power and control in a relationship.

Ultimately, it is your decision what actions you decided to take. Please call us at whenever you need to talk. It can be quite a shock to realize that your relationship is abusive. One of the biggest signs of an abusive relationship is if nothing is ever good enough. Many abusers blame you for the abuse and try to make you feel like you are inferior. This is just one way of minimizing and justifying abusive behavior. Remember, no one ever has the right to be abusive towards you.

There is nothing wrong with who you are or what you do that is causing the abuse. An abuser will be abusive towards anyone they are with and no matter how perfectly you do things. Making a decision is difficult and overwhelming. To talk to an advocate, please call I just had a physical altercation with my ex-boyfriend yesterday.

Our relationship has gone back and forth for about 7 months now. The longest he has stayed away from me has been 3 days. He finally left at 3 this morning. Anytime I would talk about how I feel he would leave and then beg to come back. This last time I had it and we began to fight after I asked for the key to my home. He pushed and grabbed my arms and kicked, I was afraid so I waited til he got by the front door and as usual he throws the key across the room while yelling drunken obscenities. I was horrified and unable to sleep. He preceded to call me at least 25 times before he finally came to the house at am…I knew he would return I had changed the alarm code…but with him having the key nothing stops him from coming in.

I look up in he is standing in my bedroom door. I talked to him and he tried to play on my emotions of him being drunk and not being able to drive, well he was drunk when he left the first time. I stood my ground even if it could cost me my life…once I got my right key and got him out the door he hit me twice with the door in the face before leaving.

I was in shock but a part of me is fearful of leaving the house. Because he knows our schedules so well. I never thought he was abusive, a little controlling…I mean nothing I did was right.