To Right All Wrongs

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He will force open the world's long shut gates, and enter triumphantly. The special enmity of the race has been directed against the Son, the Christ of God; against Him in whom God specially reveals himself.

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It is Him that men deny and blaspheme. A Christ in some shape they may own, but not the Christ of God. The Christ of Socinius, or Strauss, or Renan, or Colenso, they will tolerate, but at anything beyond this they scoff and gnash their teeth.

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How often are our souls troubled, and our hearts all but broken, at the sounds of blasphemy, the utterances of hatred against Christ. Then we fall back on the promise regarding the coming day, when Christ shall be exalted and His name honored! O day to be desired, when thus it shall be!

Lord, hasten the day that You have called. God's will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. The world shall be no longer what it now is.

Two wrongs make a right

Satan shall no more have dominion, as the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air; he shall be dethroned and bound. Antichrist shall no longer have power, but be smitten. Iniquity shall no more overflow. The curse shall pass away, and creation be delivered. The cry of the preacher Ecclesiastes shall no more be heard— that all things are full of labor, vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Man shall not put light for darkness, or darkness for light, nor call evil good and good evil. The vile person shall no more be called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

The effects of the fall shall disappear, and all things be made new. The first sin was at once an error and a disobedience. Man allowed dark and untrue thoughts of God to come in. Since then error has overflowed the earth like a deluge. It has spread, and ramified, and multiplied. Out of God's book of truth men have in perverse ways drawn errors and falsehoods innumerable.

Some of the worst untruths have been those professedly deduced from the book of truth. No, and men boast in error, provided it be either clever or earnest.

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They call it speculation, philosophy, free thought. Yet all error is sin. And we find error everywhere; in the world and in the church. God is dishonored by it. His Son is denied. His book is set aside or misinterpreted. This is my aim, goal, passion! Post a Comment.

This psalm contains similar themes discussed in previous posts this week.

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David was honest with God regarding his need for help almost seeming to complain. He is quick to plead for justice over the wicked and concludes by exalting God as King and the one who hears all our cries! It is about a young woman who moves to the Hamptons to seek revenge for her father's murder. It looks really creepy. I am thinking she did not read Psalm 10 because it maps out a different path that allows God to right all wrongs.

See a Problem?

What Christian hasn't asked that question, particularly when the wicked seem to prosper without punishment and God does nothing in answer to the prayers of His children? In Psalm 10 the psalmist touches the nerve of this painful problem and probes for God's divine perspective on it.

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True, the proud and self-sufficient are prospering in their ways; true, they are seemingly getting away with murder; true, God has seemingly forgotten about bringing justice to bear at least from the perspective of the wicked. But don't be lulled into following their wicked course. God has seen the injustice they commit; God has not overlooked their mischief and spite; the day of payment for their wickeness will come.

“Before I die I want to right all my wrongs.”

And when it does, you will be glad you didn't walk with the wicked. She knew she needed to take the time to prepare herself for her next stage of growth. And she was right: her decision to go back to school, to right that particular wrong , catalyzed the next chapter of her life. Just a few years later she wrote SELF MADE , to inspire all women on their own journey toward true empowerment through self-reliance …which brings us back to you.

Think of your life as an ongoing series of dots that you must connect so that the unique puzzle of YOU-ness can beautifully emerge. It begins by taking personal inventory. By committing to small actions. By acknowledging what you want. By investing in yourself. Fair enough. Here are 9 different ways to right the wrongs of your life:. Learning is magical. It opens and re-opens pathways in your mind, takes you out of your comfort zone, and exposes you to new ideas. Take an online class or a dance class; or join a writing group —pretty much anything that will revive your intellectual or creative spirit and get your juices flowing.

All you have to do is give it some time. You can even enlist your kids to help.

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