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Please understand for security reasons we never give our personal, contact or address details in this format , but I can provide my work address and contact number, where I will accept Gina if the Transport company will not allow me to collect her from the airport If you can register Gina and provide me a reference number with the Transport companies details I can arrange payment asap I look forward to hearing back from you Kind regards John Thomas Preston, who has already been identified as scamming, is still advertising using the Gumtree website.

Thomas Preston And then: Thank you for your reply. If you wish to proceed with renting the apartment please provide me your full name and Address so I can initiate the process through the rental company right away, and of course please make sure that you have the deposit payment ready. We are selling our car on Gumtree and have been contacted by a scammer who has been active before: From: Me Hi Paul Which car are u referring to as I have 2 ads on gumtree.

We do not have access to phone at the moment,its 15days off and 15days on and that's why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. Await your reply. From: paul datford mazda From: Me HI Paul Currently we have a personalised number plate which we will be retaining but you can apply for a temporary unregistered vehicle permit which enables you to drive interstate until you register it in your homestate.

If this is satisfactory we will organise the paperwork for the transfer of the car and supply you with our bank account details. Cheers From: paul datford i would have come to see it in person but due to the nature of my work. Get back to me with your bsb,account name and number so that i can proceed with the payment asap as i will like it delivered to my place before my arrival. The caravan is currently located in Auckland and is ready for delivery anywhere in New Zealand. The caravan has been highly maintained and has absolutely no problem.

Also a 10 days refund policy will be included so if you don't like the caravan, it will be delivered back on my expense and you will receive a full refund in 48 hours. I have two more persons interested in buying the caravan so please send me your full name, address and your phone number if you are ready to buy it. I look forward to your soonest reply. Regards, David Hi. We received this email about a vehicle we have advertised on trademe. I thought it was too good to be true so fortunately before sending any bank account details and by googling the email address this web site came up with it as a scam.

The only other piece of information we can offer is the mobile phone number that this enquiry apparently originated from is: The original txt message was: "i will like to buy your item listed for sale on trademe, pls get back to me now with the lowest price and condition on my email address: rebecakingsley gmail. Best if you are able to come to Shirley in Christchurch to view the motor home?

Regards From: Rebeca Kingsley Thanks for the detailed explanation ,although have check the photos on the add and am satisfied with it. Am really satisfied and i also appreciate your honesty about the condition of the motor home as that is what i really need most as wont be able to come for inspection as am onboard , just want to buy the motor home for my holiday, please the fund is ready and available in my account so am ready to transfer the fund as soon as you get back to me with your payment details. The previous owners did tour the South Island in it. I purchased it in Tauranga and drove it down to Christchurch May I lived in it on a caravan park for about 4 months when I came down to help with the rebuild of Christchurch.

Since then it has been used infrequently for contactors to stay in when we were very busy. It is an older model and not the most powerful of engines, but has many extra features that others do not have. When would you be looking to purchase it? I will arrange for pick up after you receive the money in your account.

I would appreciate if you email me with more pictures if available too since i won't be able to see this in person,what's the Bank details to send funds to in order for me to pay you ASAP. Thanks I currently have listed a Motorbike on the TradeMe website. I then replied with the email as per below and their reply followed. On Sat, Mar 30, I wrote: Hi the lowest i will go will be , bike is in good condition has got new white plastics, the only rough bit on the bike is the hand guard ends, bike has been looked after and has never been on the dirt only at motard events, forgot to mention also has got a slipper clutch in it, engine has allways had mobil 1 oil in it, tyres that are on it are still like new only done 1 meeting on them, and pretty sure ive got a 2nd set there aswell.

I am a petroleum engineer on a rig offshore and do not have much time on me. Make sure you get back to me so that i can arrange for pick up as i will like the item to be picked,so no shipping included. I await your reply I am looking for a property to rent in Auckland and found something on oxl and received two lots of emails. One from the guy who was renting out his house and another from the 'real estate' dealing with him. They've even gone to the extent of creating a fake website for their real estate company. I have one son and another one on the way.

Was wondering if I were able to apply for this one? Sorry just a bit confused. It was my mistake about the rent, the apartment was also listed on another website at per week. So to make it easier I will ask 1, per month. Just want to make sure of everything before I advance any further. Rent Inc. You received this email because you applied for a rental contract with Landlord Thomas Preston. The property owner left the keys and contract into Rent Inc custody and will remain in Rent Inc custody until the tenant provides the deposit payment information to Rent Inc.

Once the funds are verified by Rent Inc, the keys and rental contract will be sent to the tenant. First: you should locate and find the closest Western Union office to your home address. You have to e-mail us the following details from the payment receipt: - MTCN - 10 digits number from the payment receipt - Sender Name and Address - Receiver Name - Amount sent Fourth: The e-mail with the payment details should be as specific as possible, to allow us to verify that the payment has been made. Once the funds are verified by Rent Inc, the keys and rental contract will be sent to your current address.

Please send us the payment information to: rent mail-central. To ask for a refund, simply reply to this notification and enter in the subject line: Refund request for transaction number: 58XX Sincerely, Rent Inc. This all doesn't seem right and I'd rather meet with an agent or have a contract sent first as this seems like a scam. Sorry if I'm wrong but having a son and another one on the way I'm not willing to lose out on that kind of money. They said that they sent you a notification with all the information you need to continue with the rental process, please let me know if you did received it.

The deposit must be confirmed in no more then 48 hours or the application will expire. I have to give you a tip about the payment. You were requested to make a transfer with Western Union. With this company you can send money to friends, family, and also pay your bills and rent, I suggest that when you make the transfer, you tell them that you are sending the money for a friend or relative. I hope this will help you save some money. Anyway you don't have to worry about this because you will be fully refunded in case you don't want to rent the apartment and also this is just for deposit, the monthly rent will be paid directly to my account no charges.

I look forward to receive news from you and from the rental company so you can move in the apartment as soon. Thank you! I know what Western Union is and making payments through them is untraceable. Hi below is an email chain relating to a share advertised on trademe and responded to by emailer obviously wanting money for money transfer.

Obviously a scam. I am at present preparing a folder with as much information as possible on the build process and how this is managed. I should be able to email this to you soon and am waiting on the final contract regarding the shared ownership agreement for the boat.

Meanwhile there is a lot of information regarding the boat and its pedigree on the Australian fusion site. Thanks for your enquiry Rebecca and I look forward to hearing from again. Am really satisfied and i also appreciate your honesty about the condition of the boat as that is what i really need most as wont be able to come for inspection as am onboard , just want to buy the boat for my holiday, please the fund is ready and available in my account so am ready to transfer the fund as soon as you get back to me with your payment details.

What I will require is the name in which you want the ownership share of the boat in. I mean will it be your name? I also need a physical address for this registration as the boat will also be registered with a "NZL" number which is like a car registration number so that it adds extra security and identification for your protection, insurance etc.

I will sort out the bank details and send through to you soon. Will have a link up and running soon to the website which will show up to date progress so it is easy to follow. The share ownership document is being set up and copies will be sent to you soon. Share registration docs are all sorted for you. I will email you and let you know and please i will need you to help me send the money to my pick up agent Headquarters in USA through western union money transfer,this can be done at any western union section at the post office,there is always western union money transfer section in most post offices.

I presume. Would your trading bank not do this for a smaller sum perhaps. There is no physical collection of any goods at this end obviously. Just paperwork that will be emailed or couriered. We havent had any issues with the transfer of funds form Australian banks as they own ours mostly anyway. No worries, keep me posted. I expected paypal to have notified you to this effect. PayPal let me understand that they will not release the fund until you email them the western union details for verification as they made me understand that they are doing it for security reasons,and also to enable my pick up agent to come for pick up.

Here is the agent's details where the money will be sent. Please get back to Paypal once it done. View the scam money transfer. I met this guy on internet. Badoo chat site. He pretend he was inlove with me and then promise to send me a package with all kind of gifts.

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His from Ireland. Named Erick Evan Albert if that is his real name. He even email me a invoice of the stuff he send me. Invoice was from Diplomatic Expressdelivery. It looks so original with all the stuff printed on the invoice and a Ghana stamp on. On the invoice was a email adress which i email and verify if there was a package on its way for me which they reply on with confirmation that its on its way. I google Diplomatic Expressdelivery and read of people that also got packages the same way but it never reach them because they receive then a email that their package was put on hold in Malaysia and they must pay a certain amount of money to release it.

Same happen to me now. I must pay R,but i told them and my internet contact i will send the money on Wednesday. He also called me from this nr. I must still get there details to pay the money into. I also send the invoice he send me and pictures of him. View the invoice and images used. I received a txt message saying to contact this person via email with car details. At first I thought this was genuine until I received a reply.

Please see below. The car is in pretty good condition. The paint has faded a bit due to being red.

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My dad is a mechanic so the vehicle has been serviced regularly and he also re built the motor about 1. It's been in our family for about 10 years and I have never had any problems with it. Very reliable. I will consider any offers. On Mon, Mar 25, at , hamiltongarner50 gmail. Regarding the payment,i will be paying you through PayPal,please get back to me with your paypal details so i can process the payment,you can alternatively send your bsb and account number if you have no PayPal account.

On Fri, Mar 15, I wrote: Hi Paul, Sorry due too the amount of scams, I will only accept cash or a bank cheque on pick up of vehicle. Trying to sell my motorbike on gumtree I got a text msg from Walter Scot saying he was interested in my bike could I email a price n condition. I did. He said he buy it and asked for PayPal or bank account. I gave him by bank details. Then he said he needed me to deposit the funds for the delivery via post office.

Sounded odd by this stage so I Googled it and discoverd it was a scam. It has some surface rust because I use to live near the beach but apart from that I've never had a problem with it. Please tell others it's sold and remove the advert as i will like it delivered to my before my arrival in couple of days. I will appreciate your help here and thanks for your understanding.

I have a vacation home in Spain and was contacted by a scammer implying he was from New Zealand Hello, I am interested in renting your location for my family 1week starting from May 18th to 25th for 7nights. Kindly reserved that particular week for us and if the week is already booked then we are still flexible with our vacation dates and give me another weeks that is available OK.

What is the total rent price for 1week? Kindly get back to me with your price for renting so i confirm my rent dates booked. I wait your urgent reply back to my email today. Regards, M. Our house is free from the 18th til the 25th May and the rent is euros for the week. Once we receive your deposit, we shall send you a form of details about the rental. Many thanks for your message. Have a pleasant day, Jane Doe Hello Jane Doe, After much discussion with my wife regarding our renting dates in your property, we likes your property very much and make sure you reserved those dates for us starting from May 18th to 25th for 1week.

I will be coming home to my house in Madrid City few days before our vacation dates. I am okay with the price of your renting and needs to confirm my booking renting immediately. My Financial director in your country to send cash inform of Cheque payment to your address to cover our renting expenses due to my present location.

Our vacation cheque is more higher than your renting amount which means we are using the money on the cheque for both our renting and remaining balance for our flights expenses to your property from Madrid. Our Travel agent will be taken care of the flight tickets arrangement to your property. After cashing the Cheque and cleared in the bank in few days, then deduct your renting money and help us to transfer the remaining balance to our Travel agent via transfer or Western union who will be arranging our flight tickets to your property.

You will first confirm payment cash in the bank and your account will be credited, after then book my renting dates for my family vacation stay. The funds will be issue through our Company Financial department in your country to your address via register mail delivery in few days. Please kindly get back to me on time with your Name and Postal Address for quick Cheque payment delivery as i need to confirm my vacation fixed up before is too late today. I was selling my motorbike online and I got a text asking if it was still available From: Me To: sarah live.

From: Mrs Tornqvist Sarah Martina sarah live. I will be paying directly through Bank to Bank transfer or via PayPal. I'm currently working overseas in the Mining Outskirts of Bosnia with my Company euro max resources so I wont be able to come and do things personally,But I'll make sure that all costs will be fully covered by me and I will arrange for the pick up and document changes. I have a Courier agent that handles this all the time. I'll add the 4. If you could just send me a paypal payment invoice or create an account at www paypal com if you don't already have one.

I will make a confirmed pick up arrangement with my Courier shipping agent who will be coming over for pick up once you receive full payment into your Bank account or your PayPal account.

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Excited to be dealing with you. Have a look at the emails from 'PayPal' and learn from my mistake View the communications. Mrs Tornqvist Sarah Martina t. To: jane doe Hello, Thanks for getting back to me, I am happy with the condition and the price. I'm currently working overseas in the Mining Outskirts of Bosnia with my Company euro max resources so I wont be able to come and do things personally, But I'll make sure that all costs will be fully covered by me and I will arrange for the pick up and document changes. This morning I received a suspicious message in my Facebook Inbox.

I have copied and pasted the conversation below; Known Contact Kia Ora how are you doing? You can give it a shot email them on familyhelp unitednations-familysupport. Jane Doe Kia Ora Thank you for that information, can you please send me some proof of this, maybe a link from the UN website and some official documents. Also why have you chosen me to share this information with? Known Contact this is so real and good i got this fund support from them already and that is why i have come on here to share this see their website unitednations-familysupport org am sure this will help you alot in making your decision Jane Doe Why are you trying to scam people for?

Known Contact what do you mean?? After her last message I was blocked from being able to see her account, but it is still active Hello I received a buyer email for my daughters car and it sounded too good to be true. Buying the car unsighted and going to Darwin. We also received a SMS on my husbands mobile phone from him to email him and we did.

His number was I also want to tell you that it has electric windows, a new electric fuel pump, a new battery and starter motor. Please contact us if you are still interested or not. I am selling my car on Trade Me and got a txt from a scammer which was then followed by emails: From: John To: jws84 xtra. Due to the distance I have decided to arrange the pick-up of the vehicle with a Private Courier Service after the payment for the car has been sorted with you, If this is okay with you, I am ready to make a full payment into your bank account once you're ready.

Here is the courier details which you're required to send the money to, Vincent Hudson 3 Jalan Desa Kepong Kuala Lumpur Malaysia More details about the payment should be on the emails you will receive, please read the emails carefully and understand the procedure if there is any, I would like to you give the address which you would like the car to be collected. A Pleasure Meeting You. Joshua Speak. This is just too dodgy. My husband received a txt yesterday from cellphone number in regards to an advert we are running on trademe selling our motorhome asking us to contact them via email with more information, which we did, this morning we received the email below which anyone can see is a hoax.

From: Jane Doe To: sarah live. Yes the motorhome is still for sale we are open to all reasonable offers. I was selling a car on Trademe last week. A guy sent me an Email saying he is from UK and was interested in buying my car. The buyer then told me that he cannot make the payment to his shipping company in UK, so I need to do his a favour to pay the fee. When they asked me to pay for the shipping insurance fees again to James Adele, I felt there was something not right. View the PayPal assurance and guarantee email. Feel free to make an appointment at this week to view it. If any enquiries, please let me know.

Thanks so much for your prompt response concerning the purchase of the car am really interested in buying the car, is there any additional information i need to know about the car? Also, I did a full car service, inc. By the way, to maintain a good condition of the engine, I recommend you to use premium petrol.

Hopefully I answered all your questions. I will be adding the 3. So i will be paying directly into your PayPal account without any delay, and i hope you have a PayPal account. If you have one already, just send me the address to send it to, which is the email address you use for it or you can send me a PayPal money request, so once i receive the details i will go ahead with the payment through PayPal and then i will contact my shipping company after you get the payment. I will need your home address for the merchandise to be Picked Up by the Shipping Company.

I want you to know that i have made an arrangement with the courier company coming to pick up the merchandise and i signed a note of authorization with them so their courier representative can sign for the necessary documentation on my behalf. So concerning the issue of the documentations of the car and the signing, I want you to know that an arrangement has been made with a courier company to pick up the merchandise and the representative coming will bring along the copy of my identification for you to have full data to make the change of ownership and the representative will be the signatory to the documents as I have signed a note of authorization with his company I await your mail.

If you are ready to pay me now, I can register an account in PayPal for this purchase tonight, and hopefully we can sort the payment out by tomorrow.

By that time, we can then discuss how to sort all the relevant documentations out with your representative. Does it sound all right to you? Sorry, I am pretty new to this process. I hope you wont mind to get an account with PayPal. Its reliable and easy to use PayPal,all you need to do is visit www paypal com and register with them. When you are done with the registration send me the email used for the registration with PayPal so i can pay in. Await your response.. I will get it sorted ASAP and let you know then. To take it easy, can you ask anyone you trust e.

What I prefer doing is you ensure everything is acceptable before shipping to UK and pay me directly to my ASB bank account which I can provide you later. If you still keen, please let me know.

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I am really sorry. I just want to easily sell it and get money straight away. Your purchase is really screwing me up and there is too many uncertainties. If you can, please cancel the transaction. Again, I am really sorry about this. To: John Doe Subject: RE: selling on Trademe Hello, I want you to know that this is very easy to understand not the matter of underage once you are old enough to cash out your money from the paypal.

What is there is that paypal has approved the payment and it has been removed from my account and it is on pending to your account due to the condition that the transport company gave to me that they will need to confirmed there transport charges to pick the auto up from your home. I should have made the transfer through western union myself but i am not with my credit card to transfer the money to them online and there is no way i can do that here on sea cause i am sailing right now.

So about your own money,it has been confirmed but i need you to help me transfer the charges to the transport company first in U. K through western union so that is the reason i made the additional payment to your account and i include the charges the western union you charge you and once you have get the money transfer and my bank has confirmed that, they will get your account credited immediately. So i will wait to read back from you soonest.

I found an ad on the Gumtree website about a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Auckland. I thought it was legit and contacted the lister then I realised it was a scam when his response didn't address any of my questions. Thomas Preston To thomaszizica yahoo. My partner and I have a child and I would of course store all of your precious items in you storage locker and you will see that my references reflect my looking after places very well.

What are your expectations of bond and rent in advance etc? We are looking for long term but this could move at any given time if you had to come back. If, like I said, the property of not suitable for children in your eyes, I will understand completely. Tom I'm selling my car online and got a text asking if it was still available. It's a good little car and I wouldn't be selling if my partner hadn't have bought a new one.

It appears you are in the UK - is that correct? How soon would you be in Sydney to check out the car? We do not have access to phone at the moment,its 15days off and 15days on,which is why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. I am buying this for my for my holiday, and i want it to be delivered before my arrival in NT. However,does it have any history I should be aware of? I am already in talks with the courier that will handle the pick-up and delivery to my family.

As regards the payment, I can pay you through direct bank deposit,using ppal instant bank wire transfer service, I will need your bank details. If you are not comfortable with that, you can set up a paypal account proper at www paypal com au and I will make the payment through paypal, this way, all I will need is your paypal email address,so i can proceed with the payment and contact the courier agent who will come to pick it up and deliver it in my place.

Regards, Hamilton. Message: Hi i am a 19 year old female student looking for a room to rent From: Carol Received: 4 February Subject: Re: Can you tell me more about the place? Message: Hi, my room is available right now. It is close to public transport only about 3 minute walk, close to shops, supermarket, salon. Blue Blue Hair Salon is nearby. Message: Hi sorry i couldnt see your messages before, i would love to come and view the place if u have any questions for me please just ask, i will email you as well And from then on we emailed Carol Bridge Feb 5 3 days ago to me Hi Miss.

Jane, Thanks for your contact and your interest in my room, you are highly welcome. Can i get to know more about you? Carol From Me Feb 5 3 days ago to carol. Enclose to this message you found some more pictures of the room. About me, i am a easy going, nice, humble, honest tidy and clean person, and i love a little bit fun at a beach.

There is no problem if you will be moving in as soon as possible. Kindly get back to me if you ready to reserved the room in other to proceed with the reservation process. Mind you in other to move in into the room you have to contact my family lawyer, that I and You have consider and reach a solid agreement on the price, as stated above. Because he is the right person that will forward the keys to you and as well provide a legal lease document that will serve as an agreement between I and You and more so entails the terms and conditions of living in the flat.

Here is his email contact Barr. Would you like a monthly rent? I will be coming down to Auckland today as i live further north, and will have a quick look outside the place and I have emailed your lawyer and should get back to you tonight.

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This is what i emailed 'Barr. Can you please send me the agreement, I will return once i have looked at the place from the outside today. This is his e-mail again:- barris. Rebecca, Thanks for your contact, you are highly welcome. I am Carol's dad family lawyer and i have been monitoring her dad properties for the past 7 years before the death of her dad. So i am the right person to prepare a legal document regarding the reservation.

In other to secure the room you need to signify the security deposit. In which i will have to prepare a lease document that will serve as an agreement between You and Carol. This will entails the terms and conditions of living in the Flat. And acknowledgment receipt will be issued to you immediately which indicate the amount paid and the purpose of the payment.

Then the keys and document will be forwarded to you 24 hours after the payment has been confirmed. Here are the information needed to get the lease documents prepared Full Name: Age: Sex: Current Address: Move in Date: Duration of stay: Meanwhile, if you will like to proceed with SECURING the room immediately, kindly get back to me so that i can provide the payment details in other for you to secure the room immediately. Butcher My name is not Rebecca! This can be discussed.

Duration of stay: 10 months Look forward to seeing the lease documents, will pay bond and rent once these are signed. Carol Bridge Feb 6 2 days ago to me Thanks for getting back to me. How was journey? From Me Feb 7 1 day ago to Carol Hi Carol my trip was great, the trafic wasnt to bad around the place and it looked nice.

Have you get back to my Family Lawyer yet. Kindly let me know in other to know status of your renting in my flat. Hope you are fine Jane? Hope by now you should have signify your payment to my family lawyer? From Me PM 3 hours ago to Carol hi Carol I have just sent it away as i thought you were going to fwd it as he did not email me directly, sorry about this looking forward to hearing from you i was just talking about the infomation that i sent to Carol not to the lawyer i didnt see the other emails other than the 1day ago one.

So i sent this From Me PM 3 hours ago to barris. With due Honour, Bar. On that site I found an advertisement for a flat. I made enquiries and before long the 'owner' going by the name Aiden Baudin with the email aidenbaudin hotmail. The website actually looks very legitimate. I know how dodgy the story sounds on paper, but I find it hard to believe that OLX Removals does not actually exist. Anyway, I contacted them and they confirmed that Aiden Baudin is a customer, that they provide escrow transactions and basically corroborated his story.

I then called up the owners of the building in which the apartment is and they said that no one by the name Aiden Baudin owns any property there, though they cannot rule out the possibility that he does because it could be owned under a company name. I then emailed London Bridge Hospital who told me that there is no one called Aiden Baudin consulting for them. Should be reasonably computer literate. Hours are really flexible. I could give as much as 15 hours per week. Please submit your resume to be considered. I received email 1 From:Bell Huntelaar [hannahporteous hotmail.

To: me Subject:RE: Reply to your "Administrative Help" Ad on Gumtree Dear Applicant, Having indicated interest in the above position, the duties required, knowledge expected and benefits has been clearly highlighted below. If you can perform the duties stated below on a professional level, please, forward your bio data to us in an acknowledgement mail. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following additional attributes: 1.

Be honest and trust worthy 2. Be respectful 3. Be flexible 4. You will also doing my hotel reservation and car rental service and other basic things, before I get a house to buy Guess you will help with getting a house and office space in the downtown of the City to rent. All my travel plans will be sent to you via email.

I will welcome few questions concerning this recruitment. Get back to me. Sincerely, Bell Huntelaar On the same day I replied sending bio data and the following two Questions: 1. Would you please advise how long this temporary job will be? When does this job start? I received email 2 From: Bell Huntelaar [hannahporteous hotmail. I have just received your correspondence after returning from my official assignment today, since sending my last email. I have an underlying believe that I have made a great choice in you. But, I'd like to correct a notion, as a principle, anyone who cannot be trusted with money should not be trusted with anything.

If I cannot trust you with money then I should not leave with other responsibilities duty in my care. I want a prove that you are the right person for the position; I only want to build trust in you.

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If you disappoint the trust on this, then certainly you will disappoint trust in the more valuable duties in the up coming week, you first assignment, plus your first wage salary has been assigned to your delivering home address, and when you receive the first assignment batch which contain a payment check for electronics purchase items. The check all you do is to take it to your bank and deposit the check, once it clears this is first errands assignment you do. An invoice receipt for your first batch assignment package will be attach and email to you within the next couple of days for proper documentation and future reference.

I wish to inform you that one of the criteria I allow in trusting an employee to work for me is the ability that the employee is very disciplined and trustworthy in handling delicate matters which includes money, information and all. I might not have seen you as you rightly stated but, I trust my judgment at most times. I look forward, with great enthusiasm, to building a trustworthy and transparent relationship together and to eventually meet you in person when i come back in town.

I have purchase the following items to enable your perform your duties accurate. I am attaching my picture to know the boss you are working for and I will appreciate you sent me some picture of yours or any form of valid ID will be appreciate. I look forward hearing from you and have a blessed day. To: me Subject: Recent break in Transmission Dear me, I believe you are doing great. I look forward to you maximizing the great trust I have bestowed on you. I look forward to an employee who have the interest of the employer at heart.

I hope that will be you. I can't explain well-enough how bad I feel trying to explain to you the umpteenth time concerning the expected payment. Check out our online filmmaking training — featuring classes that are more guided than a blog, more interactive than a textbook, and more flexible than traditional film school. Submitting to film festivals can be overwhelming. What do film festival programmers look for in filmmaker submissions?

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Someone with a similar role or anyone who will be working directly with that person will have valuable input. Get together with them and make a list. On one side write down the minimum job requirements, and on the other side write what you see as bonus skills or attributes. This process will help you clearly define the role and your expectations. Also, since you want to attract someone who has the right personality, you should develop a clear idea of the company culture and apply it to every job requisition.

Finally, when all the stakeholders have signed off on the requisition, think about where you want to post it. Remember, your goal is not to attract a gazillion candidates. You want to attract the best candidates. Go beyond the careers page on your website. It is becoming increasingly common for hiring managers to focus less on cover letters and more on resumes. When executed properly, a cover letter provides the contextual background that resumes usually lack. A well-written cover letter demonstrates care and attention to detail. More importantly, it shows that the candidate possesses the writing skills necessary for responding to customers via tickets, email, and chat.

But between a lukewarm candidate with more qualifications and someone slightly less qualified who would be thrilled to join your company, the choice is obvious. A good cover letter will paint the picture of someone who enjoys helping others. Look for candidates that have tutored Grandma on how to send an email or spent time volunteering at a local after-school program.

The candidate has had ample time to compose their cover letter, so to some extent it can be seen as the most accurate representation of their personality. Will the other members of your team also feel that this candidate is a good fit? A resume should never have typos or spelling mistakes. The resume should show some interest and competence in your industry. A strong resume lists specific skills, either within an individual job description, a separate list, or both. Skills may include writing, computer program fluency, or even personality traits.

Again, the way this information is presented, as well as the information itself, is key. Some say exactly the opposite. It depends; not everything about a resume should be judged by a strict rule. Creativity and originality matter. Skateboarding is not; starting a free weekend class teaching skateboarding to senior citizens might be. When you screen a candidate, it is good if the phone call involves a great conversation with a ton of enthusiasm and personality.

Although brief, the phone screen can provide a lot of insight into the potential culture fit of that person. Just like a candidate, you want togive a good impression in the interview and stand out as a representative of your company. Differentiate your interview by asking the right questions.

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Interviews are short so you should try to ask probing questions. The deeper you can go, the better and more useful your time will be spent. Make your candidate feel comfortable. If you tell them a little about yourself, or have comments to add, it makes the interview seem more like a conversation rather than a one-sided review. If they feel comfortable they are more likely to share information. Getting answers to questions about actual scenarios will paint a picture of how the candidate deals with real world situations.

This will also encourage the candidate to give creative, thoughtful responses that will help illuminate how they think.